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Cid's sample class- ada님
작성일 : 2017-03-08 13:16:53   조회수 : 775
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Corrected Sentences:

1.we went to swimming to the pool= We went to the swiiming pool or We went swimming in the pool.
2.You might get slipper= You might slide/slip.
3.He look bad= He looks awkward/funny/ looks not good.
4.One boy= A boy
5.He is falling a sleep= He fell asleep.
6.We went to swimming = We went swimming.

7.I will use Aboy= I will use A instead of One.

Pronunciation Check:
1.askee=ask /k/ [ask, ahsk]
2.walk = werk /l/  [wawk]
3.reschort= resort   [ri-zawrt]
4.pagee= page /tail end sound
5.pratis= practice [prak-tis]

She has tail end sounds  that has to be avoided like askee [ask] and pagee [page]. Take time to work on words with /l/ and /r/ sounds as well as /s/, /z/ 



Answer and review p 35.

The student is trying enough to make her own sentences. She was talking moderately and was watchful in her words. She can creat simple and correct sentences. Keep up the good work!

Teacher Cid,

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