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Topic : Gordon Ramsay's Street Burger to open in Seoul
2023호 1면
TITLE : Gordon Ramsay's Street Burger to open in Seoul

Gordon Ramsay's Street Burger to open in Seoul

Gordon Ramsay's Street Burger to open first global location in Seoul | QSR  Media Asia



Michelin-star chef Gordon Ramsay's Street Burger restaurant is set to open in Hyundai Department Store in southern Seoul, company officials said Monday. 


Street Burger is a namesake casual burger joint founded in 2020 by the British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

The Seoul restaurant will be the first global location outside of the U.K. and the first in Asia, the department store said.


Fries, drinks and seven types of burgers will be on the menu, including a Korea-special burger called "The Korean Smash Burger," made with kimchi and bacon.


The restaurant is expected to open by late March in the department store's Samseong-dong branch of southern Seoul. Items on the menu will be priced between 10,000 won ($8) to 20,000 won, a company official said.


Global burger chains have been opening stores in Korea as the dish gains popularity among young Koreans. The country's market for burgers had grown nearly 30 percent from 2015 to 2020 and is expected to reach five trillion won in 2023, data from Euro Monitor showed.


"Koreans' views on burgers have changed over the years. Now more people eat them as a proper meal instead of a snack. Global burger brands consider the Korean market to have growth potential," an industry official said.


Popeyes, famous for its fried chicken burgers, opened a store in Gangnam, in southern Seoul, last month, two years after the brand closed operations in Korea.


Galleria Department Store, a luxury retailer owned by Hanwha Solutions, has joined hands with the U.S. burger chain Five Guys and plans to open the first Five Guys restaurant in Seoul this year.



Source: https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/culture/2023/01/141_343270.html



Who is the Michelin-star chef that intends to open a restaurant in Seoul?
What is the name of the restaurant?
Where is the restaurant originated?
What food is expected to be on the menu?
Where specifically in Seoul is the restaurant?


What is your least favorite fast food restaurant and why?
Does fast food taste good or bad? Why?
How often do you eat fast food? What do you usually eat? Where?
What is a food that people think is healthy but really isn’t?
Do you know anyone who has worked at a fast food restaurant?
How has fast food changed in your country?
How is your country’s fast food different from other countries’ fast food?
Can you think of any healthy fast food?
Do you like to try new restaurants, or do you prefer to go to those you have already been to? Why?


namesake - A person with the same name as another
Michelin-star – awarded to the chef with excellent cooking
Namesake – one that has the same name as another
Potential – having the ability to develop into something in the future
Luxury – the state of being expensive
Retailer – a small business that sells a small quantity of goods to the public