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Topic : Seniors Excluded: Cafe’s Ban on Elderly Customers Draws Controversy
2023호 6면
TITLE : Seniors Excluded: Cafe’s Ban on Elderly Customers Draws Controversy

Seniors Excluded: Cafe’s Ban on Elderly Customers Draws Controversy

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Older South Koreans are up in arms over a photo of a local cafe’s “no-senior zone” notice shared on social media.


The cafe owner’s intention to welcome guide dogs but prohibit access to seniors added to the controversy.


The person responsible for sharing the photo of the cafe said the coffee shop is located in a quiet residential area.


“I don’t know why, but I’m just worried my parents would see this,” the person said.


Seniors who have been banned from the cafe expressed frustration.


“Nowadays, I don’t feel welcome, even in restaurants,” said an 82-year-old man surnamed Park. “I feel uncomfortable when I go to a place filled with young people.”


Business owners had different opinions depending on the generation they come from.


“When seniors come, five people would order two drinks. Some would get really loud,” said a 27-year-old cafe owner surnamed Shin. “I’m not saying that’s bad, but it becomes very difficult to deal with them.”


“There are, of course, some people who would throw a tantrum for no reason, but that doesn’t mean that all seniors should be banned from going to a cafe,” said a 62-year-old local convenience store owner surnamed Lee.


Experts argue that this is a result of the frustration accumulated by Generation MZ (millennials and Generation Z) towards the older generation.


“Limiting the scope of seniors’ activities will undermine their health and eventually add to society’s burden of taking care of them,” said Kim Mi-hye, a professor emeritus of social welfare at Ewha Womans University.



Source: http://koreabizwire.com/seniors-excluded-cafes-ban-on-elderly-customers-draws-controversy/248076



Why are older South Koreans upset about a photo of a local cafe?
What was the intention behind the cafe owner's decision to welcome guide dogs but prohibit access to seniors?
Where is the coffee shop located?
How did the person responsible for sharing the photo feel about it?
How did the seniors who were banned from the cafe express their feelings?
What different opinions did business owners have regarding the issue?
What does the professor emeritus of social welfare at Ewha Womans University say about limiting seniors' activities?


What are your thoughts on the cafe's decision to prohibit access to seniors? Do you think it's justified or discriminatory?
How do you think this incident reflects intergenerational tensions or conflicts in society?
In your opinion, should businesses have the right to exclude certain age groups from their establishments? Why or why not?
What measures could be taken to ensure that both older and younger generations feel welcome and comfortable in public places like cafes or restaurants?
How can society balance the needs and preferences of different age groups when it comes to public spaces and businesses?
Are there any alternative solutions or compromises that could address the concerns of both seniors and business owners?
Do you think there should be any legal regulations or guidelines in place to prevent age-based discrimination in businesses?


Up in arms- To be angry or outraged about something.
Prohibit: To forbid or not allow.
Controversy- A dispute or disagreement that sparks public debate.
Tantrum - An outburst of anger or frustration, often accompanied by a display of disruptive behavior.
Accumulated- Gathered or collected over time.
Generation MZ- Refers to millennials and Generation Z, the generations that come after Generation X.
Undermine - To weaken or erode the foundation or strength of something.
Professor emeritus- A retired professor who is honored with the title and continues to be recognized for their expertise.