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Topic : Popular Travel Vlogger Robbed in Brazen Scam in Ethiopia
2024호 4면
TITLE : Popular Travel Vlogger Robbed in Brazen Scam in Ethiopia

Popular Travel Vlogger Robbed in Brazen Scam in Ethiopia


Popular Travel Vlogger Robbed in Brazen Scam in Ethiopia | Be Korea-savvy



– A popular South Korean travel vlogger with over 2.3 million YouTube subscribers was the victim of a daring theft while filming in Ethiopia, losing cash worth around 400,000 won in a well-executed scam by a local man, according to footage from the incident. 


In a video posted on April 4 to the “Teo” YouTube channel, the vlogger known as Pani Bottle, along with the actor Gong Myung, can be seen wandering the streets of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa in search of a tour company. 


The footage shows a local man suddenly calling out to Pani Bottle, claiming there was something on his jacket. As Pani Bottle examines his coat in confusion, the man approaches and begins brushing it off with his own clothing in an overly solicitous manner.


“Oh, did I get something on me?” Pani Bottle asks innocently as the man repeatedly apologizes while appearing to deliberately fondle the vlogger’s coat pocket area for nearly 10 seconds. 


Distracted by the ruse, Pani Bottle fails to notice as the man slyly retrieves his wallet from his pants pocket before abruptly departing to a waiting vehicle across the street. 


It was only after returning to their hotel that Pani Bottle realized his wallet, containing around 400,000 South Korean won in cash, was missing. “He deliberately spat on me to take my wallet. I had it right here in my pocket,” he can be heard saying with dismayed realization.


While the brazen theft occurred right before the camera crew’s eyes, none were initially aware of the ploy. Luckily, the production team was holding the group’s payment cards, though Pani Bottle lost all his cash. 


This was not the first time the globetrotting vlogger has been victimized by thieves. In January 2022, his laptop bag containing around 1.5 million won in cash, a notebook computer and other gear was stolen from a bus during a trip to Peru. He has also previously had valuables stolen while traveling in Ukraine.


Though the crew suggested reporting the theft to local police, a resigned Pani Bottle dismissed it as “a waste of time,” believing the chances of recovering the stolen money or identifying the thief were virtually nonexistent.



Source: http://koreabizwire.com/popular-travel-vlogger-robbed-in-brazen-scam-in-ethiopia/277729



How many YouTube subscribers does the South Korean travel vlogger have?
Where were Pani Bottle and Gong Myung filming when the theft occurred?
What did the local man claim to see on Pani Bottle's jacket?
How long did the local man touch Pani Bottle's coat pocket area?
What did Pani Bottle lose in the theft?
How much money did Pani Bottle lose in total during his trip to Peru in 2022?
Why did the crew suggest reporting the theft to local police?
Why did Pani Bottle dismiss the idea of reporting the theft to the police?


Have you ever been a victim of theft while traveling? If so, how did you react?
What precautions can travelers take to prevent theft while traveling?
Do you think Pani Bottle made the right decision in not reporting the theft to the police? Why or why not?
Have you ever experienced a similar situation where someone distracted you while someone else stole from you?
How do you think the local man knew that Pani Bottle was a travel vlogger with a large following?
Do you think Pani Bottle should continue traveling and filming despite the thefts he has experienced?
Have you ever used a travel vlogger's recommendations for a destination? If so, did you find them helpful?
Do you think travel vloggers have a responsibility to be more cautious while filming in potentially dangerous locations?
How can travel vloggers balance the need to create engaging content with the need to ensure their safety and the safety of their crew?
Do you think the popularity of travel vloggers has led to an increase in thefts targeting them?


Daring - bold and brave, often in a way that is risky or dangerous
Scam - a fraudulent or deceptive scheme intended to cheat someone out of money
Solicitous - showing too much concern or attention, often in a way that is insincere or manipulative
Ploy- a clever or devious plan or trick used to deceive someone
Resigned - feeling or showing a lack of hope or enthusiasm, often in response to a difficult or unchangeable situation
Virtually - almost completely or entirely
Brazen - bold and without shame, often in a way that is rude or disrespectful
Globetrotting - traveling to many different countries or places, often for pleasure or work