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Topic : Woman swept to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach rescued 37 hours later and 50 miles away
2024호 7면
TITLE : Woman swept to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach rescued 37 hours later and 50 miles away

Woman swept to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach rescued 37 hours later and 50 miles away



Woman Found Alive 37 Hours After Being Swept Out To Ocean While Swimming -  News18



A Chinese woman who was swept out to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach was rescued 37 hours later after drifting in an inflatable swim ring more than 80 kilometers (50 miles) in the Pacific Ocean, officials said Thursday.



Japan’s coast guard launched a search for the woman, identified only as a Chinese national in her 20s, after receiving a call Monday night from her friend saying she had disappeared while swimming at Shimoda, about 200 kilometers (125 miles) southwest of Tokyo.

She was likely swept out to sea by a current and an evening seaward wind from the mountains and her swim ring made it more difficult to move against the wind, experts said.



The woman was spotted by a cargo ship early Wednesday, about 36 hours after she disappeared off the southern tip of Boso Peninsula, the coast guard said.


The cargo ship asked a passing LPG tanker, the Kakuwa Maru No. 8, to help. Two of its crew members jumped into the sea and rescued the woman, officials said. She was airlifted by a coast guard helicopter to land, they said.


In a video released by the Japanese coast guard, the woman — dry and wrapped in a pale blue blanket — stood on the deck of the tanker with a crew member who stood by her in case she lost her balance, while others quietly looked on. A coast guard helicopter hovered above. When she was attached to a rope and safely taken into the chopper, she waved at the tanker crew.


Crew members of the tanker who helped in the rescue told TV Asahi that they shouted to the woman not to give up as she bobbed up and down in waves that were about 2 meters (6.5 feet) high. Two of them jumped into the water and tied a rope around the woman, while other crew pulled her up to the tanker, they said.


One crew member said everyone was relieved the woman survived, even though she seemed to be exhausted.


Social media was filled with messages praising the crew members who helped in the rescue as “heroes,” saying they did a “good job,” while others celebrated the woman’s perseverance and survival in good health.



Source: https://apnews.com/article/japan-swimmer-swept-to-sea-rescued-a85550612d729dfc2a57f8197d34fb72



How long was the Chinese woman adrift in the Pacific Ocean before being rescued?
Where was the woman swimming when she was swept out to sea?
What made it difficult for the woman to move against the wind while she was adrift?
Which ship first spotted the woman?
How did the woman finally get rescued from the sea?
What did the crew members shout to the woman while she was in the water?
How did social media react to the rescue of the woman?
In what condition was the woman when she was rescued?


Have you ever been to the beach? What safety precautions do you take while swimming?
Have you ever had a close call or near-death experience while swimming or participating in water activities?
What would you do if you found yourself in a dangerous situation at sea?
How important do you think it is to know how to swim? Why?
What do you think about the role of the Coast Guard in such rescues?
How do you feel about the crew members who jumped into the water to rescue the woman?
What would you feel after being rescued from such a situation?
Why do you think the woman’s story became popular on social media?
How do you think the woman’s experience might change her perspective on life?
What are some dangers of swimming in the ocean compared to a pool?
How can technology help in rescue operations at sea?


Swept - Carried away by a forceful movement.
Adrift - Floating without control or direction.
LPG tanker: a ship designed to transport liquefied petroleum gas
Inflatable - Capable of being filled with air.
Current - A continuous movement of water in a particular direction.
Seaward - Directed or moving toward the sea.
Peninsula - A piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water.
Airlifted - Transported by aircraft, especially in an emergency.
Perseverance - Continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties.