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Topic : Danish gov't defends order to kill minks with mutated coronavirus
2020호 11면
TITLE : Danish gov't defends order to kill minks with mutated coronavirus

Danish gov't defends order to kill minks with mutated coronavirus

Denmark coronavirus mutation sparks plan to kill millions of mink - The  Washington Post


(UPI) -- Denmark has defended new restrictions on mink farms nationwide, ordering that potentially millions of the animals be culled after scientists discovered that some have been found to carry a mutated coronavirus.


The World Health Organization has said mutated COVID-19 strains have been linked to the minks and, in some cases, passed onto humans.


The Danish government said earlier this week it would order infected animals to be killed, and defended the position on Friday.


"All remaining mink will now be culled including non-infected and otherwise healthy mink," Danish foreign minister Jeppe Kofod told reporters.


"We would rather go a step too far than take a step too little to combat COVID-19."


Danish officials said more than 200 mink farms nationwide have been infected with the coronavirus. Denmark has about 300 mink farms and the government's order applies to more than 10 million of the animals.


The WHO has yet to conclude that the mutation is a serious risk.





What has Danish government ordered to do with the millions of minks?
Why have they decided to cull millions of minks?
What did WHO say about this mutated COVID-19 strains?
How many mink farms are affected by this virus?


What do you think about this article?
What do you know about "minks"?
Do you have mink coats?
What can you say about the decision of Danish government to cull millions of minks?
Should we do the same with other animals who can be affected by coronavirus like bats?
Aside from killing, is there any other way to prevent the animal to human transmission of virus?
How could this action affect Danish economy?
Are there any animals that we should try to kill off completely?


cull- a selective slaughter of wild animals.
mutated - change or cause to change in form or nature.
to go a step too far - To do something to an excessive degree.
combat - take action to reduce or prevent (something bad or undesirable).