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Topic : Seoul to Introduce ‘English Tutor Robots’ for Young Students
2023호 12면
TITLE : Seoul to Introduce ‘English Tutor Robots’ for Young Students

 Seoul to Introduce ‘English Tutor Robots’ for Young Students

Seoul to introduce 'English tutor robots' for young students - Maeeshat



 “English tutor robots” will be introduced to elementary and middle schools in Seoul next year to assist in students’ one-on-one English conversations, the municipal education office said Wednesday.


The use of robots in English speaking education for young students was announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education as part of efforts to reinforce the subject in public schools.


The English tutor robots, to be developed with a private company, will be supplied to five elementary and middle schools in the capital for a trial run in March next year, the office said.


The artificial intelligence-based robots will look similar to restaurant serving robots and have the ability to conduct one-on-one English conversations with students, it explained, adding they will act as an assistant teacher in the classroom and demonstrate English conversation like a native speaker.


The robots will also offer customized one-on-one learning, including correcting individual students’ pronunciation, the office said.


The office said it plans to expand the distribution of the English tutor robots if the trial run produces satisfactory results.


In addition, the office will expand the use of voice chatbot apps in English listening and speaking education and local students’ non-face-to-face exchanges with foreign students. The chatbot apps, which can be installed on individual mobile phones or desktops, will enable students to engage in a free conversation with the software on topics selected by the users.



source: http://koreabizwire.com/seoul-to-introduce-english-tutor-robots-for-young-students/266327



What are “English tutor robots”?
Why are robots being introduced in English-speaking education for young students?
How many elementary and middle schools in Seoul will receive the English tutor robots for a trial run?
What will the English tutor robots look like?
What will the English tutor robots be able to do?
What is the purpose of the voice chatbot apps?
Where can the voice chatbot apps be installed?
What will students be able to do with the voice chatbot apps?


What do you think about the idea of using robots to teach English to young students?
Do you think robots can replace human teachers in the future? Why or why not?
How do you think the use of robots in education can benefit students?
Do you think the use of robots in education can have any negative effects? Why or why not?
Have you ever used any educational technology in your studies? How was your experience?
How important do you think it is for students to learn English in today’s world?
What are some challenges that students face when learning English? How can technology help overcome these challenges?
How can the use of robots and technology in education be made more accessible to students from low-income families?


Municipal - relating to a city or town or its governing body
Reinforce - strengthen or support
Artificial intelligence - the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems
Native speaker - a person who speaks a language as their first language
Customized - made or modified to suit a particular individual or task
Pronunciation - the way in which a word is pronounced
Distribution - the action of sharing something out among a number of recipients
Non-face-to-face - not in person, without physical contact