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Topic : Instagram influencer, 32, dies taking photo at popular waterfall
2021호 7면
TITLE : Instagram influencer, 32, dies taking photo at popular waterfall

Instagram influencer, 32, dies taking photo at popular waterfall


Sofia Cheung is pictured sitting on the edge of a rock edge. The influencer was known for her risky photos.




An Instagram influencer has reportedly died while taking a photo at the edge of a popular waterfall in Hong Kong.


Sofia Cheung, 32, was hiking with friends at Ha Pak Lai park on Saturday (local time) when they stopped to take photos at a popular scenic lookout. 


Ms Cheung was posing for a photo on the edge of Tsing Dai stream near Yuen Long, when she lost her footing and and fell nearly five metres into the pool below, according to The Sun.


Her friends called emergency services and Ms Cheung was rushed to a hospital in Hong Kong, but was declared dead on arrival.


Ms Cheung, who has more than 6000 followers on Instagram, was known for attempting dangerous climbs and hikes, and posting them online. 


Her page is filled with pictures of her climbing mountains and cliff faces and standing on top of risky lookouts. 


Her social media page lists hiking, kayaking, exploring, outdoor activities and photography as main interests, as well as stating: "Life should be fun not dumb."


The influencer's last photo, posted on July 9, was captioned: "Better days are coming: they are called Saturday and Sunday." 


Source : https://ph.news.yahoo.com/instagram-influencer-dies-photo-waterfall-053058417.html



Why has an Instagram influencer died?
Who is this Instagram influencer?
Where was she hiking with her friends?
How did the accident happen?
What is her page filled with?


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What's the most extreme thing that you have done?


scenic - providing or relating to views of impressive or beautiful natural scenery.
lookout - a place from which to keep watch or view landscape.
lose (one's) footing - To slip, stumble, and/or fall during an activity in which one is using one's feet, such as walking, dancing, climbing, etc.
captioned - provide (an illustration) with a title or explanation.