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Topic : Scientists say cure for baldness could be close
2021호 4면
TITLE : Scientists say cure for baldness could be close

Scientists say cure for baldness could be close

Scientists Say This Osteoporosis Drug Could Cure Baldness | Time



Help may be near for people who are losing or have lost their hair. Japanese scientists have found stem cells that are vital for hair regeneration. This is welcome news for the millions of people worldwide who suffer from baldness. Scientists have been working on a cure for decades. 


The Japanese scientists are now doing clinical research and laboratory tests. They hope to adapt the stem cells to create a therapy for hair loss. Baldness mainly affects men. By the age of 35, around two-thirds of men will experience hair loss. By the age of 50, up to 85 per cent will have thinning hair.


The scientists took fur cells from mice and cultured them in the lab. They saw that hair growth is cyclical within the follicle. The scientists used 220 combinations of chemicals to make the hair regrow naturally. 


The lead scientist said his system creates the cyclical regeneration of hair follicles from stem cells. He said it would, "help make hair follicle regeneration therapy a reality in the near future". He added: "Losing hair is not life-threatening, but it adversely affects the quality of life." One bald man said: "Having a full head of hair again will make me look ten years younger".



Source: Breaking News English



What did scientists find that is vital for the hair regeneration process?
What do scientists hope to find a therapy for?
What percentage of men experience hair thinning by the age of 50?
What animal's fur did scientists test?
How many combinations of chemicals did scientists use to regrow hair?
What did a scientist say hair loss is not?
What did a scientist say hair loss adversely affects?


What images are in your mind when you hear the word 'baldness'?
What do you think of baldness?
What are the advantages of being bald?
What are the disadvantages of being bald?
What do you think of your hair?
How would you feel about being bald?
How important is a cure for baldness?
What do you do to look after your hair?
What can people do if they are going bald?
How might going bald affect people's mental health?
What do you think of bald women?
How attractive is it to be bald?


stem cells - cells with the potential to develop into many different types of cells in the body.
vital - absolutely necessary or important; essential.
regenaration - rocess of regenerating—renewing or restoring something, especially after it has been damaged or lost.
culture - (biology) maintain (tissue cells, bacteria, etc.) in conditions suitable for growth.
Hair follicle - A sac from which a hair grows and into which the sebaceous (oil) glands open