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Topic : No cash, no bank heists in Denmark; criminals now go online
2023호 1면
TITLE : No cash, no bank heists in Denmark; criminals now go online

No cash, no bank heists in Denmark; criminals now go online

No cash, no bank heists in Denmark; criminals now go online | The Star



(AP) — For the first time in years, Denmark hasn’t recorded a single bank robbery. There wouldn’t have been much point.


Cash transactions in the Nordic country have become virtually obsolete, with Danes increasingly opting to use cards and smartphones for payments.


The Danish bank employees’ union on Tuesday welcomed the news that 2022 had been robbery-free.


“It is just amazing. Because (robberies) put an absolutely extreme strain on the affected employees every time (they) happened,” spokesman Steen Lund Olsen said in a statement.


Finance Denmark, the banking sector’s association, said only about 20 bank branches across the country have cash holdings. But then the number of bank branches has fallen from 219 in 1991 to 56 in 2021, it said.


News reports noted that cash withdrawals in Denmark have been dropping by about three-quarters every year for the past six years.


In 2000, 221 bank robberies were recorded, Finance Denmark said. In 2021, there was just one.


Initially, robbers switched their attention from bank branches to Automatic Teller Machines, with such attacks peaking at 18 in 2016. But those too have come down to zero amid better surveillance and technical protection, the industry association said.


Finance Denmark said criminals in recent years have turned to defraud people online.



Source: https://apnews.com/article/crime-theft-business-denmark-ee5beb683219cca2353c114208707af8



What crime has not recorded for the first time in years in Denmark?
What have become obsolete in the Nordic country?
How many bank branches have cash holdings?
How many bank robberies were recorded in 2000? in 2021?
According to Finance Department, what criminals have turned to?


What do you think about what you read?
What do you think about a cashless society?
What are the pros and cons of cash?
How similar is the banking situation in Denmark from the situation in your country?
Does bank robbery happen in your country?
Do most people trust banks in your country?
Which do you think is a safer option for payments, using cash or using cards and smartphones? Why?
How would you protect yourself from possible online bank criminals (ex. keeping passwords safe, logging out of devices)?


obsolete -No longer in use
strain -To exert much effort or energy
heists -The act of stealing
surveillance- Close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)