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Topic : Hong Kong to offer Korean in college entrance exam
2022호 7면
TITLE : Hong Kong to offer Korean in college entrance exam

Hong Kong to offer Korean in college entrance exam

For South Korea's Graduating High Schoolers, Entrance Exam Results Bring  Relief

Hong Kong will include Korean in the foreign language category of the city's university entrance exam starting from 2025. The Consulate General of South Korea in Hong Kong said Wednesday that Hong Kong's Examinations and Assessment Authority and Korea's National Institute for International Education had reached an agreement on the matter.

"Since our students are interested in Korean culture, it will be appreciated that Korean will be included in our university entrance exam," said Cheung Wing Fung, the acting principal of Mu Kuang English School in Hong Kong, which offers Korean language as a required subject. "They will be able to develop their hobby academically."

"The introduction of the Korean language test into Hong Kong's university entrance exam appears to have become possible due to the interest about Korea in Hong Kong as well as the elevated status of South Korea as a country around the world," Park said.

"This is also meaningful for graduates of Hong Kong schools, because with a proficiency in Korean, they will have a wider pool of opportunities when they seek jobs."

Source: The Korea Times



When will Hong Kong include the Korean language in their university exam?
What do government agencies agree regarding this matter?
Why will Hong Kong include the Korean language in their college entrance exam?
What is the goal of this initiative?
How did this become possible?
How can being proficient in Korean help them?


What springs to mind when you hear the words “entrance exams”?
How do you think this will benefit the students of Hong Kong?
How do you feel about the Korean language being global?
Would you be interested if another foreign language will be added to the entrance exam in Korea?
Do you think it’s an advantage if you know how to speak foreign languages?
How many languages can you speak?
Does one of your family members or friends speak a lot of languages?


required - officially compulsory, or otherwise considered essential
academically - in a way that relates to education and scholarship
proficiency - a high degree of competence or skill; expertise
wider pool - greater readily available supply