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Topic : London's thinnest house sells for $1.3 million
2021호 2면
TITLE : London's thinnest house sells for $1.3 million

London's thinnest house sells for $1.3 million

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Source: London's thinnest house' (painted blue) in west London Photograph:( AFP )


Even though house prices are sky-rocketing around the world, one property's price tag in London is raising eyebrows. A house billed as "the skinniest" in London is on the market for $1.3 million. In other areas of the UK, one could purchase a spacious seven-bedroom mansion with sprawling grounds for that sum. However, the skinny house is just 2 metres wide, although it does have five floors.  


The two-bedroom house is in west London and is being sold by real estate agent Winkworth. The agent said: "It started life as a hat shop and was converted by a fashion photographer - the ultimate designer house....It's quirky and charming and great for entertaining."


The eye-catching property is just 1.6 metres at its narrowest point and is 8 metres long. There is a kitchen, dining room and patio garden on the first floor. On the second floor there is a living room, with a spiral staircase that leads up to the third floor, which has a study, bedroom and roof terrace. The main bedroom is on the fifth floor. 


Despite its cramped space, Winkworth says it is a one-of-a-kind abode. It said: "The interior design has the bespoke approach of a luxury yacht, making the most of small spaces." It added that: "The house is ideal for a young couple or an individual who sees the beauty for what it is and will snap it up. It is a unique part of London history. It's a bit of London magic."


Source: Breaking News English



What does the article say is happening to house prices?
What does the article say you could buy for the price of the thin house?
How many floors does the thin house have?
Who or what is Winkworth?
What was the house before it was a house?
How long is the house?
What connects the second and third floors of the house?
What is on the fifth floor of the house?
Who did the real estate agent say the house was ideal for?
What did a real estate agent say the house was a unique part of?


What images are in your mind when you hear the word 'property'?
What do you think of a house that is 2 metres wide?
What was the last thing that made you raise your eyebrows?
Is it better to own your own house or rent?
Would you like a seven-bedroom mansion?
What is the best city to live in?
How would you describe your house?
What are the good and bad things about a five-storey house
Is it better to have a spacious house?
Would you like a bespoke house?
What do you think of your current abode?
What is your ideal house?


raise eyebrows - you to feel surprised or disapproving
spacious - (especially of a room or building) having ample space.
quirky - odd or unpredictable in their appearance, character, or behaviour
eye-catching - immediately appealing or noticeable; striking.
abode - a place of residence; a house or home.
bespoke - made for a particular customer or user.