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Topic : Man aims to see 'Tenet' 120 times for Guinness record
2020호 9면
TITLE : Man aims to see 'Tenet' 120 times for Guinness record

Man aims to see 'Tenet' 120 times for Guinness record

Why this Canadian is watching Christopher Nolan's Tenet in theatres 120  times | CBC Radio



(UPI) -- A cinema enthusiast in Manitoba is going for a Guinness World Record by attempting to see Tenet in theaters 120 times.


Craig Sharpe, 47, of Winnipeg began his attempt Aug. 26 and attended his 15th screening of Tenet early Tuesday afternoon in his quest to see the Christopher Nolan film 120 times.


Sharpe said his goal is to break the Guinness World Record for most cinema productions attended -- same film. The record is currently held by Australian woman Joanne Connor, who attended 108 screenings of Bohemian Rhapsody in early 2019.


Sharpe said he expects his attempt to take about 30 days.


"The rules from Guinness are: you have from the time that it's opened and it only counts when it's a first-run movie," Sharpe told the Winnipeg Free Press. "The moment it's available for download or purchase, that window closes."


The rules also require Sharpe to stay for the entire movie, including the credits.


"When they say beginning to end they mean beginning to end," he said. "All two hours and 31 minutes."


The cinema enthusiast said he has yet to tire of the film after more than 10 screenings.


"Personally, I don't see any flaws in this movie," he said.





What is Craig Sharpe going to do?
What movie does he want to see in theaters?
How many times does he wants to see it to break Guinness World Record?
Who holds the current record for most cinema productions attended, same film?
What movie did she watch and for how many times?
How long does Sharpe expect to finish his attempt?
What are the rules that he must follow for this World Record?


What do you think about this article?
Do you like watching movies?
Can you consider yourself as a cinema enthusiast?
What is the latest Korean movie that you have watched? What do you think about that movie?
How often do you watch movies in the theater?
Have you seen the movie Bohemian Rhapsody?
What do you think about watching the same movie for more than 100 times?
Have you stayed for the entire movie including the credits?
Why do you think about people who like to break World Records?
Which World Records impress you most?
Are there any records that you might want to attempt to break?


cinema enthusiast - A person who has a lot of knowledge about films, seen a lot of films and enjoys films more than an average person
screening - a showing of a movie, video, or television program.
flaws - a mark, fault, or other imperfection that marks a substance or object
attempt - make an effort to achieve or complete (something, typically a difficult task or action).