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Topic : Apple to issue software update for iPhone 12 in France after sales halted over radiation fear
2023호 9면
TITLE : Apple to issue software update for iPhone 12 in France after sales halted over radiation fear

Apple to issue software update for iPhone 12 in France after-sales halted over radiation fears 

Apple to update iPhone 12 in France over radiation - BBC News



French authorities said that the specific radiation absorption rate measured in a recent test of the iPhone 12 was higher than the European limit.


Apple will issue a new software update for the iPhone 12 in France, the company said on Friday, after French authorities halted sales of the smartphone this week.


"We will issue a software update for users in France to accommodate the protocol used by French regulators. We look forward to iPhone 12 continuing to be available in France," the company said in a statement provided to Euronews Next.


France's National Frequency Agency (ANFR) had said earlier in the week that the phone emitted too much electromagnetic radiation in a recent test.


It ordered Apple "to implement all available means to quickly remedy this malfunction" or said the government would have to recall the phones already sold in France.


The French agency, which monitors public exposure to electromagnetic waves, said the specific absorption rate (SAR) when the phone was tested was over the authorized limit. The SAR measures the rate of radiofrequency energy absorbed by the human body.


France's junior minister in charge of digital, Jean-Noël Barrot, said that he had spoken several times with Apple's teams since the decision to withdraw the phone from the French market this week.


"After discussions and as demanded by the ANFR, Apple assured me that it would implement an update on the iPhone 12 in the coming days," Barrot said.


"The ANFR is prepared to quickly test this software update which would allow the model to come into compliance with European standards applied in France and lift the marketing withdrawal".


The European Commission confirmed to Euronews Next that due to the EU directive on radio equipment, a French halt on iPhone 12 sales could result in an EU-wide ban.


The iPhone 12 was first released by Apple in 2020. The company recently held a launch event in California in the US for the release of iPhone 15.


The latest iPhone includes a USB-C charger after European lawmakers passed a law requiring a single charging solution for all electronic devices.



Source : https://www.euronews.com/



What is the specific absorption rate (SAR)?
Why did French authorities halt sales of the iPhone 12?
What did France's National Frequency Agency (ANFR) order Apple to do?
What did the European Commission confirm to Euronews Next?
When was the iPhone 12 first released by Apple?


What are your thoughts on the French government's decision to halt sales of the iPhone 12?
Do you think the SAR is an important factor to consider when purchasing a phone? Why or why not?
How do you think the new software update for the iPhone 12 will affect its sales in France?
Do you think other countries will follow France's lead and halt sales of the iPhone 12?
How do you think this incident will affect Apple's reputation in France and Europe?
What are some other factors you consider when purchasing a phone?
How do you think the EU directive on radio equipment will affect the future of electronic devices?
What role do you think the French Agency plays in implementing regulations and standards for digital safety?
How can we increase public awareness of the importance of digital safety?
Are you an Apple or iPhone user?
Do you think it is worth it to own one? Why or Why not?


Protocol - a set of rules or procedures for transmitting data between electronic devices.
Regulators - a person or organization that supervises or controls a particular activity or industry.
Malfunction - a failure to function properly.
Recall - an official request for people to return a product that is found to be unsafe or defective.
Exposure - the state of being in contact with something.
Compliance - the act of obeying an order, rule, or request.
Directive - an official order or instruction.
Reputation - the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.