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Topic : Millions of children still in slavery, and it must be stopped
2020호 11면
TITLE : Millions of children still in slavery, and it must be stopped

Millions of children still in slavery, and it must be stopped

Newsela | Opinion: With millions unprotected, action is needed to end child  slavery



India – The world should be ashamed that we have not ended child slavery. Not only does child slavery still exist, but the number of child slaves has remained the same in the last two decades. More than 5.5 million children are slaves. They are bought and sold like animals, sometimes for less than a pack of cigarettes. In addition, there are 68 million child workers and 59 million children who do not go to school. Each year, 15 million girls younger than 15 are forced to get married. The situation is completely wrong. Clearly, there is much work left to do. About 550,000 people have signed a petition to push the United Nations to strongly oppose child slavery in its goals for the next 15 years. These goals are the called Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Among them are plans to wipe out forced labor, end slavery and stop the worst forms of child labor

Now it is time to take action. It is not only governments that are responsible for ending slavery. Businesses, organizations and individual citizens must all help. They must pressure their leaders to make a change. Recently, we found that one-fifth of the children younger than age 14 that we rescued were working for family businesses. More than two-fifths of them were doing dangerous jobs that would be allowed under the law. For example, the children worked in roadside restaurants. They also made clothes, leather goods, makeup or electronics.




According to the article, what hasn't ended yet that should make us ashamed?
For how many years has the number of child slaves remained?
How many girls are forced to get married?
What did the 550,000 sign?
Who are the people mentioned that should help end child slavery?


At what age do you think people should start working?
Are there any jobs that you think children should not do?
Do you think that globally eliminating child labour is possible? Why/why not?
What is your dream job?
How do you think these children feel working for money?
How lucky do you think you are?
Would you work for money even though you are young?
What help can you give to these children?
What do you think about the parents of these children?


ashamed - feeling angry and disappointed about someone or something, or because you have done something wrong
slavery - the practice of having slaves
decades - a period of ten years
force - to make someone do something that they do not want to do
petition - a paper with a lot of people’s names on it that asks someone in authority to do something
pressure - he act of trying to make someone else do something by arguing or persuading