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Topic : All Things Remembered
2020호 11면
TITLE : All Things Remembered

All Things Remembered

How To Improve Child's Working Memory? | STEM Little Explorers


Imagine possessing the ability to recall the most trifling events, details, and dates of your life with near perfect accuracy. Let's say, for example, you could remember that June 15th, 1992 fell on a Monday, and you ate a hamburger with extra cheese and onions for dinner as you watched a rerun of Seinfeld. For Brad Williams, this isn't a speculative what if, but rather a feat of which he has always been capable.


There have been a number of other documented memory marvels in the past. These people could memorize random letters or numbers with ease, or recall book passages and short stories word for word. Williams is different. He doesn't dredge useless information to the surface, but rather information relevant to his past. Once corroborated with scrapbooks and diaries, his memory has proven to be nearly flawless.


"I've always been this way," he said. In fact, as a child, he thought everyone possessed the same ability. Although the phenomenon has always been a source of entertainment to his family, one expert believes Williams may be one of the best memories in the world. The doctor is presently studying Williams in the hopes of achieving a better understanding of how memory functions.

Another woman has also been found with an almost identical talent, and has joined the same study. She calls her ability a burden and not a gift, though. Whenever she hears a date, a flash of memories run through her mind. It's nonstop and exhausting.


Both Williams and the woman seem to remember better the information they find of interest. This proves an essential element in their abilities, and some researchers have concluded that many others may similarly be capable of the same skills. Since the study began, a third individual has been discovered with similar promise.




What is Brad Williams's ability?
How is his ability different than other, similar cases?
What does his family think?
How does the woman with a similar ability feel?
What do some researchers believe of the ability?


What do you think about this article?
Would you want to have a better memory? Why/not?
What kind of memory improving techniques do you know?
How likely is it that everyone will be the same as Brad Williams one day? Please explain your answer.
What is your clearest memory from at least ten years ago? Please explain.
When people remember the same event, some details are often different. Has this happened to you?


Trifling - of very little importance; trivial; insignificant:
Speculative - pertaining to, of the nature of, or characterized by speculation, contemplation, conjecture, or abstract reasoning:
Dredge - to locate and reveal by painstaking investigation or search
Corroborate - to make more certain; confirm:
Flawless – having no discernible blemishes or shortcomings; perfect
Phenomenon - something that is impressive or extraordinary