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Topic : Grinning or Nervous Face? People Interpret Emojis Differently
2020호 11면
TITLE : Grinning or Nervous Face? People Interpret Emojis Differently

Grinning or Nervous Face? People Interpret Emojis Differently

Smile Or Grimace: What Does THIS Emoji Really Mean?! - Heart



Sure, a picture's worth a thousand words, but when you use emojis, you may be saying something that you didn't intend. 


A new study finds that people often interpret emojis in different ways. And for 95 percent of emojis, people did not strongly agree on what sentiment the image expressed. In addition, the study showed that interpreting emojis could be particularly problematic when the sender and the receiver are using different mobile platforms (for example, when the sender has an iPhone, but the receiver has a Samsung phone). That's because each platform has its own versions of emojis.


For the "grinning face with smiling eyes,” emoji, there was a nearly 5-point difference between the rating of the Apple version and the rating of the Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and LG versions of this same emoji, the study found. The findings suggest that "emoji users would benefit from convergence of emoji design across platforms," which could lower the likelihood of miscommunication, the researchers said.


Future studies may look at how people interpret emojis when they are in the context of a full text message, or whether people from different cultures also interpret emojis differently, the researchers said.  





What are emojis?
How much of the emojis (or what percentage) did people disagree on?
How can different mobile platforms a problem for sending emojis?
For the grinning face and smiling eyes emoji, what are the two phones compared?
According to the article, what will lower the likelihood of miscommunication?


How often do you use emojis?
Do you understand what all of the emojis mean?
Do you think emojis are useful? How?
What about chat acronyms like “BRB” “LOL” and “TTYL”? Do you think these acronyms are useful?
Do you agree with the article (that people misunderstand emojis most of the time)?
Do you think emojis should be the same in all cell phones?
How often to you chat and send messages to friends?
Are there disadvantages of using emojis and chat acronyms? What are some of the disadvantages?


emoji – a small digital image or icon to express ideas and emotions in electronic communication
intend – to have the intention to express
sentiment – a personal belief or judgment
platform (mobile) – a phone operating system, example Windows Phone, iPhone OS, Android
convergence – the occurrence of two or more things coming together