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Topic : Saudi man marries 53 women in 43 years in quest for perfect match
2022호 9면
TITLE : Saudi man marries 53 women in 43 years in quest for perfect match

Saudi man marries 53 women in 43 years in quest for perfect match

Saudi Arabia: 63-year-old man marries 53 women in the last 43 years



A 63-year-old Saudi man who has been dubbed the ‘polygamist of the century’ claims to have been married a total of 53 times. 


Abu Abdullah insists his numerous marriages have been in pursuit of ‘stability and peace of mind’ as opposed to ‘personal pleasure’, but his inability to stick with one person will no doubt raise eyebrows. 


Abdullah first tied the knot at the age of 20 and his shortest marriage lasted just 24 hours


According to Gulf News, which bills itself as the UAE’s biggest-selling English paper, Abdullah said he’s now found ‘the one’ and has no more plans to remarry.


He explained: “When I married for the first time, I did not plan to marry more than one woman because I was feeling comfortable and had children.”


Abdullah went on: “But after a while, problems happened and I decided to marry again when I was 23 years old and I informed my wife of my decision.”


The serial husband – who said he ‘mostly married Saudi women’ – revealed his first wife was older than him, explaining: “I married 53 women over long periods. The first was when I was 20 and she was six years older than me



Read More: https://www.unilad.com/news/man-marries-53-women-20220919



Who was dubbed the polygamist of the century?
How old is he?
How many times did he get married?
What does he think about his numerous marriages?
When did he first tie the knot?
How long did his shortest marriage last?


What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘marriage’?
What do you think about Abdullah's 53 marriages?
What do you think of polygamy?
What do you think is the secret to a happy marriage?
Why are fewer and fewer people getting married?
Who has the happiest marriage you know? Why do you think this?
Do you think there is anything scary about marriage?


polygamist -a person who has more than one wife or husband at the same time.
raise eyebrows - it causes you to feel surprised or disapproving
pursuit - the action of following or pursuing someone or something.
tied the knot - get married.