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Topic : Woman missing for 5 days in a forest: lollipop and wine save her from death
2023호 6면
TITLE : Woman missing for 5 days in a forest: lollipop and wine save her from death

Woman missing for 5 days in a forest: lollipop and wine save her from death


Woman lost in forest for 5 days survives on wine, lollipops | Trending -  Hindustan Times



A 48-year-old woman named Lillian Ip survived for five days in the wilds of Australia without water or food, eating only lollipops and drinking a bottle of wine. She left for a short trip, 


A simple wrong turn with her car (a Honda Jazz) turned a Melbourne woman's picturesque high country holiday into a struggle for survival. Forty-eight-year-old Lillian Ip survived for five days in the wilderness of Victoria State in Australia without water or food. She left on Sunday to take a short trip, found herself in a dead end and her car was stuck in the mud. She did not have the essentials to survive with her. Only a bottle of wine bought as a gift for her mother and a few snacks.


Lillian was lucky to have found a way to survive by eating lollipops and drinking her bottle of wine. Despite the mishap, the woman kept her wits about her and immediately asked for water and cigarettes once she was found. Police later reported that the woman was taken to hospital to be treated for dehydration, but has already returned to her home in Melbourne.


Lillian waited for help with nothing but a blanket, a fruit box and that bottle of wine she was forced to consume even though she is not a drinker. Lillian is a teetotaler. When asked what it tasted like, she quickly responded with a swear word.


"I thought I was going to die out there". "I was going to give up." The police pointed out that Lillian Ip had been unable to leave the car to seek help due to health problems. It is not reported whether the woman had a smartphone with her. "I am an adventurous person, but next time I will be better prepared," she concluded.



Source: https://www.urban-life.it/dalla-strada/donna-dispersa-per-5-giorni-in-un-bosco-lecca-lecca-e-vino-la-salvano-dalla-morte.htm?lang=EN



How long did Lillian Ip survive in the wilderness without water or food?
What led to Lillian's struggle for survival in the high country of Victoria State, Australia?
What did Lillian consume to sustain herself during the five days?
What were the only items Lillian had with her while waiting for help?
How did Lillian react when she was found by rescue teams?
Why was Lillian unable to leave the car to seek help?
How did Lillian feel during her ordeal, and what did she think was going to happen?


What do you think were the most challenging aspects of Lillian's survival situation?
How do you think Lillian's experience will impact her future adventures or travel preparations?
In what ways do you think Lillian's resourcefulness and ability to keep her wits about her contributed to her survival?
What are some essential items or preparations one should consider when going on a short trip or outdoor adventure?
How do you think Lillian's story emphasizes the importance of being prepared for unexpected situations?
Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to rely on your resourcefulness or adaptability? Can you share your experience?
How do you think this incident might change Lillian's perspective on life or her outlook on challenges?
If you were in a similar situation, what items or skills would you want to have to increase your chances of survival?


Picturesque - something that is visually charming, attractive, or scenic, often resembling a picturesque painting or image
Essentials-fundamental or necessary elements, items, or aspects that are required or crucial for a particular purpose or situation
Teetotaler - a person who abstains completely from alcoholic beverages
Dehydration - a condition caused by the excessive loss of water from the body
Ordeal - a difficult, trying, or distressing experience
Wits - mental sharpness or intelligence