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Topic : Songpa-gu Youth to Receive ‘Coming-of-Age’ Support Grant of 200,000 Won
2023호 6면
TITLE : Songpa-gu Youth to Receive ‘Coming-of-Age’ Support Grant of 200,000 Won

Songpa-gu Youth to Receive ‘Coming-of-Age’ Support Grant of 200,000 Won

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—Songpa-gu in Seoul unveiled on Sunday a new grant to support young adults born in 2004 as they enter the workforce.


Aptly named the Coming-of-Age Support Grant, the program aims to provide aid to those who meet the district’s specific criteria. Eligible applicants will receive vouchers for Songpa Sarang, a local mobile currency, valued at 200,000 won.


As the largest of Seoul’s 25 districts, Songpa-gu boasts a youth population of 190,000, ranking second highest in the city.


Recognized as a “young city,” Songpa-gu champions various youth-focused projects such as the Songpa Youth Network, Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Project, and Youth Festival “Tiki-Taka.” Each initiative aims to enrich the lives of young people and cultivate the future leaders of tomorrow.


The Coming-of-Age Grant is Songpa-gu’s premier youth program, and over two years from 2021, a staggering total of 8,967 young adults received Songpa Sarang vouchers totaling 1.79 billion won, a testament to the program’s immense success.


This year, on the auspicious day of the coming-of-age ceremony, each applicant will receive a congratulatory card bearing the message “20 years old, take a step forward.”


Moreover, each applicant will receive guidance in applying for the coming-of-age departure subsidy. Impressively, the number of applicants has surged to 5,400, an increase of approximately 10 percent from last year’s figures.


To be eligible for the grant, applicants must fulfill specific requirements. They must be residents of Songpa-gu born in 2004 (inclusive of those whose birthdays have not yet occurred) and must have continuously registered and resided in Songpa-gu for at least one year before April 30th, 2022.



Source: http://koreabizwire.com/songpa-gu-youth-to-receive-coming-of-age-support-grant-of-200000-won/248399



What is the name of the grant program introduced by Songpa-gu in Seoul?
What form of aid does the Coming-of-Age Support Grant provide?
How many young adults received Songpa Sarang vouchers in the past two years?
What are some youth-focused projects initiated by Songpa-gu?
What will each applicant receive on the day of the coming-of-age ceremony?
How many applicants have applied for the grant this year compared to the previous year?
What are the eligibility requirements to receive the grant?


Why do you think it's important for local governments to support young adults entering the workforce?
How do you think the Coming-of-Age Support Grant will impact the lives of eligible applicants?
What are the benefits of the Coming-of-Age Support Grant for young adults entering the workforce?
Do you believe similar youth support programs should be implemented in other districts or cities? Why or why not?
Why do you think there has been an increase in the number of applicants for the grant this year?
How does the Coming-of-Age Support Grant align with the concept of social welfare and equal opportunities for all residents?
Can you think of any potential challenges or limitations of the grant program?


Aptly - appropriately or fittingly
Surge - a sudden and significant increase
Eligible - meeting the necessary conditions or requirements
Fulfill - satisfy or meet a requirement or expectation
Inclusive - including all the specified elements or groups
Unveiled - This term refers to the action of revealing or disclosing something that was previously hidden, concealed, or unknown
Enrich - To enrich means to enhance, improve, or make something more valuable, meaningful, or beneficial.
Auspicious- s a situation, event, or occurrence that is favorable, promising, or indicating success, good fortune, or positive outcomes.