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Topic : In the wake of Trump’s attempted assassination, investigators search for clues around the motive
2024호 7면
TITLE : In the wake of Trump’s attempted assassination, investigators search for clues around the motive

In the wake of Trump’s attempted assassination, investigators search for clues around the motive

Authorities hunt for clues, but motive of man who tried to assassinate  Donald Trump remains elusive – Sun Sentinel


The 20-year-old man who tried to assassinate former President Donald Trump first came to law enforcement’s attention at Saturday’s rally when spectators noticed him acting strangely outside the campaign event. The tip sparked a frantic search but officers were unable to find him before he managed to get on a roof, where he opened fire.


In the wake of the shooting that killed one spectator, investigators were hunting for any clues about what may have drove Thomas Matthew Crooks, of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, to carry out the shocking attack. The FBI said they were investigating it as a potential act of domestic terrorism, but the absence of a clear ideological motive by the man shot dead by the Secret Service led conspiracy theories to flourish.


“I urge everyone — everyone, please, don’t make assumptions about his motives or his affiliations,” President Joe Biden said in remarks Sunday from the White House. “Let the FBI do their job, and their partner agencies do their job. I’ve instructed that this investigation be thorough and swift.”


The FBI said it believes Crooks, who had bomb-making materials in the car he drove to the rally, acted alone. Investigators have found no threatening comments on social media accounts or ideological positions that could help explain what led him to target Trump before the Secret Service rushed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee off the stage, his face smeared with blood.


Trump said on social media the upper part of his right ear was pierced in the shooting, but advisers said he was “great spirits” ahead of his arrival Sunday in Milwaukee for the Republican National Convention. Two spectators were critically injured, while a former fire chief from the area, Corey Comperatore was killed. Pennsylvania’s governor said Comperatore, 50, died a hero by diving onto his family to protect them.


Relatives of Crooks didn’t respond to numerous messages from The Associated Press. His father, Matthew Crooks, told CNN late Saturday that he was trying to figure out “what the hell is going on” but wouldn’t speak about his son until after he talked to law enforcement. An FBI official told reporters that Crooks’ family is cooperating with investigators.



Source: https://apnews.com/article/trump-assassination-attempt-thomas-matthew-crooks-shooter-881581c46c07025898027143fc9132e5



Where did the law enforcement first notice the suspect acting strangely?
What did Thomas Matthew Crooks do after getting on the roof?
How did the FBI classify the shooting incident?
What materials were found in Crooks' car?
How did President Joe Biden address the public about the investigation?
Who was killed during the shooting, and how did he die?
What injury did former President Donald Trump sustain in the shooting?
How is Crooks’ family cooperating with the investigation?


How can large public events improve security to prevent incidents like this?
Why is it important to avoid making assumptions about someone's motives in such situations?
How do you feel about the role of the Secret Service in protecting public figures?
What measures can be taken to identify and prevent potential threats at rallies?
How do you think the media should report on incidents of domestic terrorism?
What impact do you think this event will have on future political rallies?
How can families and communities identify and support individuals who might be at risk of committing violent acts?
What are some ways to balance public safety with the freedom to attend large gatherings?
How do you think conspiracy theories affect public perception of such incidents?
What role do you think mental health plays in preventing acts of violence?


Assassination - The act of murdering a prominent person, especially a political leader.
Domestic terrorism - Acts of violence committed within a country against its own people or government, with the goal of furthering political or ideological objectives.
Conspiracy theory - An unproven belief that an event or situation is the result of a secret plot by a covert group or organization.
Spectator - A person who watches at a show, game, or other event.
Frantic - Distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion.
Ideological - Based on or relating to a system of ideas or ideals.
Motives - Reasons for doing something.
Presumptive - Expected to be the next in a particular position.
Critical - Extremely important or serious.
Cooperating - Working together towards a common goal.