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Topic : Balmain’s new collection stolen as delivery truck ‘hijacked’ in Paris, says label boss
2023호 9면
TITLE : Balmain’s new collection stolen as delivery truck ‘hijacked’ in Paris, says label boss

Balmain’s new collection stolen as delivery truck ‘hijacked’ in Paris, says label boss

Balmain's new collection stolen as delivery truck 'hijacked' in Paris, says  label boss | CNN



Dozens of garments from French label Balmain’s forthcoming collection were stolen when a delivery truck was “hijacked by a group of people,” according to the company’s artistic director, Olivier Rousteing.


The alleged robbery took place early Saturday, less than two weeks before the brand was due to unveil its new designs at Paris Fashion Week’s Spring-Summer 2024 edition.


In a statement posted to Instagram, Rousteing wrote that “more than 50” of the label’s new items had been stolen — as had the truck transporting them. He said the incident took place as the garments were being delivered from the airport to the company’s headquarters in central Paris, though he did not specify which airport.


The French designer, who has helmed Balmain since 2011, was informed of the theft by the truck’s driver, who he reported as “safe.”


“This is so unfair,” Rousteing’s statement continued, adding that Balmain and its suppliers will work “days and nights” to remake the missing garments.


“We are redoing everything but this is so disrespectful,” he wrote in an accompanying caption, adding: “Love you my Balmain team and we won’t give up.”


Balmain is among over 100 brands — including the powerhouses of French fashion, like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Saint Laurent and Dior — set to showcase their latest creations during Paris Fashion Week’s nine-day schedule.


A label spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that Balmain’s show will go ahead as scheduled on Sept. 27, but declined to comment on the robbery, pending an investigation. The company did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.



Source: https://edition.cnn.com/style/balmains-theft-olivier-rousteing/index.html



What happened to garments from Balmain's forthcoming collection, according to the company's artistic director?
When did this alleged robbery take place, and what was its significance in relation to Paris Fashion Week?
Where were the stolen garments being transported from, and where were they headed?
Who informed Olivier Rousteing about the theft, and what did he report about the driver?
How did Olivier Rousteing describe his feelings about the incident in his statement?
What steps does Balmain plan to take in response to the theft, according to Rousteing?
Besides Balmain, what other famous fashion brands are mentioned in the article in relation to Paris Fashion Week?
What is the status of Balmain's scheduled fashion show, as mentioned in the article?


What impact do you think the theft of garments could have on a fashion brand like Balmain, especially just before a major event like Paris Fashion Week?
Why do you think fashion designers and brands like Balmain invest so much time, effort, and resources into unveiling new collections during events like Fashion Week?
How might this theft affect the reputation of Balmain as a fashion brand? Can they recover from such an incident?
What security measures do you think fashion companies should take to protect their valuable collections and designs during transportation?
In your opinion, should fashion events like Fashion Week be postponed or canceled when a brand experiences a significant setback like this theft?
Do you believe there are any potential motivations behind such a theft, besides the obvious financial gain? If so, what might they be?
How important is the fashion industry to the economy and culture of a country, and why are events like Paris Fashion Week significant?
Can you think of any similar incidents in the fashion industry or other industries where valuable goods were stolen? What were the consequences?


Hijacked - to take control of something, especially a vehicle, by force
Unveil - to show or introduce a new product or service to the public for the first time
Helmed - to be in charge of something
Remake - to make something again, especially in a different way or using different materials
Showcase - to show something in an attractive or favorable way
Pending - waiting to be dealt with or settled
Investigation - a formal inquiry or systematic study to discover and examine the facts of an incident, allegation, or crime
Robbery - the crime of stealing from someone or somewhere using force or threats