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Topic : Yale class on boosting happiness surges in popularity amid COVID-19
2022호 1면
TITLE : Yale class on boosting happiness surges in popularity amid COVID-19

Yale class on boosting happiness surges in popularity amid COVID-19

Yale's "Happiness 101" Course Is Available Online For Free — Here's How You  Can Take It


(UPI) -- A Yale University professor said her free online course on the science of living a happy life has seen enrollment spike by about 3,000% during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology, started teaching her class, Psycology 157: Psychology and the Good Life, in March 2018, and the next semester she made the class available for free online via Coursera under the title "Science of Well-Being.


Santos said the COVID-19 pandemic led to enrollment in the course spiking to 3,000% of what it was in 2019.


"I do think people wanted to do more to protect their happiness during the pandemic," Santos told The Hill. "I think people were getting great evidence-based advice about how to protect their physical health -- mask up, socially distance, get a vaccine -- but people were struggling with what to do to protect their mental health. The class provided that evidence-based advice for improving well-being."


The 10-week course features science-based examinations of well-being contrasted with common misconceptions about happiness. Students learn to develop and implement strategies to increase their own well-being and are given "happiness-boosting challenges" as homework.


"In class people learn about a lot of strategies that are helpful for navigating the mental health hit that comes from life during Omicron. For example, you'll hear about ways to boost your social connection, even if you can't get together in person," Santos said.



Source : https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2022/01/11/Yale-University-happiness-class-surges-amid-COVID-19-pandemic/3511641937253/



What class does a Yale professor give online?
What did a Yale professor say about the enrollment in this online course?
What is the name of the professor who is giving this free online course?
In what platform can we see this course?
What are reason the for the increase in the enrollment in her class?
What are the features of this 10-week course?


What do you think about this article?
What is happiness for you?
What do you think about having free online class about "Science of Well-Being"?
What other online class would you like to take for free?
Do you think that happiness lies within you? Or does it depend upon other people and external things?
What are the three most important things for you to be happy?
Would you ever take this kind of online class?
Do you think this classes will have a good outcome? Why or why not?
Why do you think there are so many unhappy people?
Do Koreans need this kind of class? Why or why not?


boost - help or encourage (something) to increase or improve.
Coursera - an online education provider that offers online courses, popularly known as MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses, from top universities and companies around the world
misconceptions - a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on faulty thinking or understanding.
well-being - the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.