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Topic : 3 Ways to Stop Angry Rants in 1 Minute Had a good rant lately?
2021호 4면
TITLE : 3 Ways to Stop Angry Rants in 1 Minute Had a good rant lately?

3 Ways to Stop Angry Rants in 1 Minute


The Rant: Stuck song syndrome | The Volante


Had a good rant lately?


As good as the internet is at promoting ease of shopping, it may be just as good at promoting negative moods and ranting. While research shows that ranting may make you feel better in the short term (some subjects reported feeling more relaxed immediately after writing a rant), it might actually make you feel worse in the long term. In fact, according to the researchers, those who posted rants "experience more anger than most and express their anger in maladaptive ways."


If your mental wheels are stuck spinning in place—whether your rant is political, personal, or work-related—it may be time to let go and live free without the emotional encumbrances of your rant. Remember, this doesn't mean that you don't care about your particular beliefs or issues. It just means that you are putting things in perspective and not letting yourself be consumed by your rant. Yes, you are bigger than your rant and the belief on which it is based!


1) Limit Your Rant to One Minute

That's right. You can limit your rant to just one minute, and make it count! See how fast you can rant as you time yourself, or have someone time you. At the end of the minute, you agree (with yourself) that you are done for the day. No more ranting, no more anger. See how you can live with things as they are... and without your ranting. 


2) Make an Executive Decision to Laugh It Off for One Minute

Who says you can't just laugh off the anger, the rant, the whole situation? Besides, it's your rant, and you can decide what to do with it! Just as you invested in a rant, you can also disinvest. Laugh for one minute at your rant, at your ranting self, and even laugh at the righteousness of your rant. 


3) One-Minute Nature Vacation 

Nature can do wonders for cleansing away emotional debris. This is easy if you have a window or go outside. Find a tree, a cloud, a flower. Then, imagine you are that cloud, that flower that blade of grass, that tree. For a minute, imagine yourself floating in the sky, high up above the earth. Or, that you are that solid tree, branches open wide and absorbing the sun's energy. Or that flower, opening its colorful blossoms for the buzzing bees. Let the natural elements take you on a refreshing one-minute vacation!


Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/practical-mindfulness/202103/3-ways-stop-angry-rants-in-1-minute



What will ranting make you feel in the long term?
What do people who posted rant experience?
How many minutes we can limit our rant?
What are the ways to stop ranting?
What nature can do for us?


What comes in your mind when we say "ranting"?
Do you rant?
What are common reason why do some people rant?
What do you think about people who rant a lot?
Do you know anyone who rants a lot?
How do you decide what to do when you get angry?
Are there better and worse ways to respond to one's own anger?
What do you usually do when you get angry?
What are the situations that make you rant?


ranting - a long, angry, and impassioned speech.
maladaptive - not providing adequate or appropriate adjustment to the environment or situation.
debris - scattered pieces of waste or remains.
disinvest - withdraw or reduce an investment.