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Topic : Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang to file lawsuit against 'cyber wreckers'
2024호 7면
TITLE : Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang to file lawsuit against 'cyber wreckers'

Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang to file lawsuit against 'cyber wreckers'

Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang to file a ...



YouTuber Tzuyang said she would file a complaint with the prosecutors' office against YouTubers for blackmailing her with her troublesome past. 

The legal representatives of the mukbang (eating show) star stated that the complaint will be filed to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. The accused include "cyber wrecker" YouTubers GooJeYeok, whose real name is Lee Jun-hee, and Jeon Gukjin. “Cyber wrecker” is a derogatory term for YouTubers who post maliciously edited videos to insult and criticize celebrities or famous people.


Tzuyang claimed on Thursday through a YouTube live stream that she suffered continuous physical and mental abuse from her former agency representative and ex-boyfriend who she says extorted at least 4 billion won ($2.9 million) from her.

The YouTuber live streamed in response to revelations online detailing that the "cyber wrecker" YouTubers planned to extort money from her by threatening to expose her past.  

"At the time this blackmail incident by the mentioned YouTubers occurred, Tzuyang was already entangled in many incidents and was suffering from various types of damage, leaving her mentally and physically exhausted," said Tzuyang’s legal team. "As a result, she had no capacity to respond to the extortion and thought she should just quietly endure the damage alone."


"Tzuyang was placed in a thoroughly subordinate position and had to cater to the YouTubers who threatened her with personal revelations in a cunning manner,” said the legal team. “Eventually, she even had to sign an unwanted contract."


The legal team said Tzuyang decided to move forward with the legal procedure after much consideration, looking at how the secondary damage began spreading to third parties as the incident went public.  

"If additional perpetrators who participated in extortion against Tzuyang are discovered during the investigation, we will respond actively and without leniency," said Tzuyang’s legal team.  


GooJeYeok, accused of blackmailing Tzuyang into signing a contract worth 55 million won, voluntarily appeared at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office on Monday and denied the claims, saying that he “acted as a double agent” to stop the revelations about Tzuyang.




Source : https://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/2024-07-15/entertainment/television/Mukbang-YouTuber-Tzuyang-to-file-lawsuit-against-cyber-wreckers/2090694



What action is Tzuyang planning to take against the YouTubers who blackmailed her?
Who are the accused YouTubers in Tzuyang’s complaint?
What does the term “cyber wrecker” refer to?
How much money does Tzuyang claim was extorted from her by her former agency representative and ex-boyfriend?
What was Tzuyang’s response to the revelations about the "cyber wrecker" YouTubers' plans?
What was Tzuyang’s mental and physical condition at the time of the blackmail incident?
Why did Tzuyang decide to move forward with legal procedures?
What did GooJeYeok say in response to the allegations against him?


How do you think social media and online platforms can better protect individuals from cyber harassment and blackmail?
Why do you think some people use the internet to harm or extort others?
How should public figures handle false accusations and blackmail attempts?
What legal measures do you think should be in place to deal with cyber wreckers?
How important is it for victims of cyber harassment to speak out about their experiences?
What impact can false accusations and blackmail have on a person's mental health?
How can online communities support individuals who are victims of cyber harassment?
What role do you think YouTube and other content platforms should play in preventing malicious content?
How can we raise awareness about the consequences of cyberbullying and online blackmail?
What steps can individuals take to protect their privacy and personal information online?


Blackmailing - The act of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them.
Prosecutors' office - A government office responsible for presenting cases against individuals accused of crimes.
Cyber wrecker - A derogatory term for individuals who post maliciously edited videos to insult and criticize celebrities or famous people.
Extorted - Obtained by force, threats, or other unfair means.
Subordinate - Lower in rank or position.
Revelations - Surprising and previously unknown facts that are disclosed to others.
Secondary damage - Additional harm or injury caused as a result of an initial harmful event.
Leniency - The quality of being more merciful or tolerant than expected.