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Topic : Pilot intentionally crashes his plane to get Youtube views, he's risking 20 years in prison
2023호 6면
TITLE : Pilot intentionally crashes his plane to get Youtube views, he's risking 20 years in prison

Pilot intentionally crashes his plane to get Youtube views, he's risking 20 years in prison

Pilot intentionally crashes plane for YouTube views; gets 20 years in jail  - Global - SAMAA




Three million views on YouTube could cost pilot Trevor Jacob, who intentionally crashed his plane in November 2021 and then posted the video on the platform to increase views, 20 years in prison. This episode, which caused a stir and outrage, highlighted the distorted way in which social media and the Internet can influence people's behaviour. In this article, we will analyse the episode that stirred public opinion and the legal consequences for the pilot.


In November 2021, Jacob had taken off in a small single-engine aircraft equipped with cameras from the Lompoc Airport in Southern California. After a 35-minute flight he had parachuted, again filming himself with a video camera, into the Los Padres National Forest, before the aircraft crashed. Once on the ground, the pilot had returned to the crash site and retrieved the footage, which was then posted on YouTube.


The authorities immediately launched an investigation to understand the cause of the crash. It was the publication of the video on YouTube that raised suspicions about the nature of the crash. In fact, the pilot had not attempted to call air traffic control, nor had he tried to restart the engine or look for a safe place to land. These behaviours raised doubts about the veracity of Jacob's account and led investigators to suspect that the pilot had deliberately caused the accident in order to post the video on YouTube


Jacob was arrested and is now on trial for obstructing federal investigations and causing a plane crash. If convicted on all charges he could face a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. The affair sparked great public outrage and raised the debate on the use of social media and digital platforms to gain visibility at any cost, even putting one's own life and the lives of others at risk.


The case of Trevor Jacob is a prime example of how the pursuit of success on social media can lead to extreme and dangerous behaviour. The publication of the video of the crash in which he lost his life was an irresponsible and illegal act that endangered not only the pilot but also many other people. The incident is a wake-up call on how we need to better regulate the use of digital platforms and social media to preserve human safety and dignity.



Source: https://www.urban-life.it/crazy-people/pilota-schianta-il-suo-aereo-intenzionalmente-per-avere-visualizzazioni-su-youtube-rischia-20-anni-d.htm?lang=EN



Why did Trevor Jacob intentionally crash his plane?
What did Trevor Jacob do after parachuting into the Los Padres National Forest?
What raised suspicions about the nature of the crash?
What charges is Trevor Jacob facing in the trial?
What is the potential sentence Trevor Jacob could receive if convicted?
What impact did the incident have on public opinion and the debate about social media use?
What is the article's main argument regarding the use of digital platforms and social media?


What do you think motivated Trevor Jacob to intentionally crash his plane and post the video on YouTube?
How do you think the pursuit of popularity and views on social media can influence people's behavior negatively?
In your opinion, should social media platforms have stricter regulations to prevent dangerous or harmful content from being posted? Why or why not?
How can incidents like Trevor Jacob's case raise awareness about the ethical responsibilities of individuals and the role of social media platforms?
What steps do you think can be taken to strike a balance between freedom of expression on social media and the prevention of dangerous or harmful content?
How do you think society's obsession with viral content and increasing views can impact individuals' decision-making processes?
Can you think of any other examples where individuals have engaged in risky or dangerous behavior for the sake of gaining attention on social media?
Do you believe that the potential punishment of 20 years in prison is appropriate for Trevor Jacob's actions? Why or why not?
How can incidents like this affect public trust in the authenticity of content shared on social media platforms?
What role do you think social media platforms should play in preventing the spread of harmful or dangerous content?


Outrage - extreme anger or indignation
Distorted - twisted or misrepresented
Veracity - truthfulness or accuracy
Obstructing - hindering or interfering with
Pursuit - the act of striving to achieve or attain something
Wake-up call - an event or incident that prompts a realization or recognition