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Topic : Peru President Dina Boluarte’s home raided in luxury watch investigation
2024호 4면
TITLE : Peru President Dina Boluarte’s home raided in luxury watch investigation

Peru President Dina Boluarte’s home raided in luxury watch investigation



Peruvian President Boluarte's house raided in luxury watch probe




The home of Peru’s President Dina Boluarte has been raided as part of a continuing corruption investigation linked to undisclosed luxury watches, police said.


The AFP news agency reported, citing a police document, that about 40 officials were involved in the raid early on Saturday to search for Rolex watches that Boluarte had not declared.


The joint operation between the police and the prosecutor’s office was broadcast on the local television channel Latina. Televised images showed government agents from an investigative team breaking into the president’s residence with a sledgehammer, The Associated Press news agency reported.


As government agents surrounded the house in the Surquillo district of the capital, Lima, officers blocked oncoming traffic. The president did not appear to be home at the time.


The raid “is for the purpose of search and seizure,” police said of the operation authorized by the judiciary at the request of the attorney general’s office.


“Personnel from the palace provided all the facilities for the diligence requested,” the presidency said on social media platform X, adding that it was carried out “normally and without any incident”.

However, Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen criticized the raids.


“The political noise that is being made is serious, affecting investments and the entire country,” he wrote on X. “What has happened in the last few hours is disproportionate and unconstitutional actions.”


“If one goes back in time before she was president or vice president, Boluarte was the head of a government institution where she made a salary of about $1,000 a month, and now about $4,300 every month, so many people are saying she didn’t have the means to buy these watches,” she said.


Attorney General Juan Villena this week criticized Boluarte’s request to delay her appearance before the court for two weeks, emphasizing her obligation to cooperate with the investigation and provide proof of purchase for her watches.


He also said Boluarte was obligated to produce the three Rolex watches for investigation and warned against their disposal or destruction.


The government comptroller later announced it would review Boluarte’s asset declarations from the past two years to search for any irregularities. Through it all, the president has staunchly defended herself.



Source : https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/3/30/peru-presidents-home-raided-in-luxury-watch-investigation



Why was Peru’s President Dina Boluarte's home raided?
How many officials were involved in the raid at Boluarte's residence?
What were the officials searching for during the raid?
How was the raid broadcast to the public?
Where is the president's residence located?
What was the purpose of the raid according to the police?
How did the presidency respond to the raid on social media?
Who criticized the raids and what were their concerns?


How do you think the investigation into luxury watches relates to government accountability?
Do you believe public officials should be held to a higher standard when it comes to declaring their assets? Why or why not?
How can incidents like this affect public trust in government officials?
What measures do you think could be put in place to prevent corruption among public figures?
In your opinion, what consequences should there be for public officials found guilty of corruption?
How important is transparency in government operations and finances?
How do you think the media's coverage of such events influences public perception of politicians?
What role do you think the judiciary plays in ensuring accountability in government?


Raid - a sudden attack or surprise attack for the purpose of making arrests or seizing property
Corruption - dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power
Undisclosed - not revealed or made known
Seizure - the action of capturing someone or something using force
Diligence - careful and persistent work or effort
Disproportionate - too large or too small in comparison to something else
Obligation - a duty or commitment to do something
Staunchly - in a very loyal and committed manner