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Topic : Busy Office Workers Seek Quick Respite
2021호 11면
TITLE : Busy Office Workers Seek Quick Respite

Busy Office Workers Seek Quick Respite

The EnergyPod, made by MetroNaps, contains a built-in alarm function to make sure the user wakes from their nap.

Tired and stressed-out salaried workers are flocking to a new type of establishment where they can relax or take power naps during the day.


Relaxation parlors are popping up all around Gangnam, Myeong-dong and Hongik University areas. They feature high-tech massage chairs and often have their hands full keeping up with customers.


One shop in the business-district of Jong-no has hammocks. Customers put on a pair of slippers and can stretch out and sleep. The shop is popular among office workers in their 20s and 30s and always packed at lunchtime.


One 29-year-old regular said, "I used to get some sleep hunched over on my desk at work or sitting on the toilet in the men's room, but here I can lie down and rest much more comfortably."


Busy office workers rarely have the time or energy for recreational activities after work or at weekends. Koreans still work 2,163 hours a year on average, 393 hours more than the OECD average.


A Statistics Korea survey last year showed 81.3 percent of respondents feel tired, and the ratio of fatigued people was the highest among 20- and 30-somethings.


Lee Eun-hee at Inha University said, "The fact that young people, who should be the most active, are desperate for rest demonstrates just how much fatigue Korean society is experiencing."





Where do stressed-out salaried workers flock?
Where can we find these relaxation parlors in Korea?
What features do they have for the customers?
Who are the patrons of these relaxation parlors?
What’s the average number of Korean’s working hours?
What did the Statistics Korea survey last year show?
What does the result of the survey demonstrates?


What do you think about this article>
Has the pace of the modern world become far too fast? Why do/don't you think so?
Do you consider yourself overworked or stressed out?
Would you ever consider quitting your job for six months or one year to take a vacation and relax? Why/not?
Do you agree or disagree? It will simply be impossible to take vacations in fifty years because everyone will be too busy. Why do you think so?
France has experimented with a four-day work week. Would this work in your country? Why/not?
What is the busiest country in the world? What country is likely the most relaxed? How does your country compare? Please explain.
When you retire, will you definitely have the time to travel, relax, and do everything that you have always wanted to do? Why/not?


Flocking- Move as a crowd or in a group
Popping- A sharp explosive sound as from a gunshot or drawing a cork
Business-district- The central area or commercial center of a town or city
Hammock- A hanging bed of canvas or rope netting (usually suspended between two trees); swings easily
Hunched- Having the back and shoulders rounded; not erect
Recreational- Engaged in as a pastime
Demonstrate- Give an exhibition of to an interested audience