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Topic : Guatemala police free 126 migrants from abandoned container
2021호 10면
TITLE : Guatemala police free 126 migrants from abandoned container

Guatemala police free 126 migrants from abandoned container


126 mainly Haitian migrants attempting to get to the US were abandoned in a  locked shipping container
Image: Guatemala's National Civil Police/Handout via REUTERS



Police in Guatemala have rescued 126 migrants who were abandoned inside a shipping container at the side of a road.


They were found at dawn between the towns of Nueva Concepción and Cocales after locals reported hearing screams inside the trailer.


Authorities believe they were abandoned by smugglers who had been paid to take them to the US via Mexico.


More than 100 of those discovered are from the crisis-hit nation of Haiti.


There were also people from Nepal and Ghana.


Speaking after the discovery, a police spokesperson said: "We heard cries and knocks coming from inside the container. We opened the doors and found inside 126 undocumented people."


Officers gave the migrants first aid before escorting them to a shelter run by the Guatemalan Migration Institute.


A spokeswoman for Guatemala's migration authority, Alejandra Mena, said that the migrants had arrived in Central America in Honduras and from there begun to make the treacherous journey north to the US.


They will now be transported back to the border with Honduras and handed over to authorities.


The discovery comes just a day after Mexican authorities detained 652 migrants, including some 350 children, travelling in three refrigerated double-trailer trucks near the US southern border.


Soldiers at a military checkpoint in Tamaulipas searched the trucks after hearing voices inside.


The incident reflects growing concerns over the amount of migrants, among them large numbers of Haitians, taking significant risks in their attempts to reach the US.



Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-58859530



Who was rescued by Guatemala Police
How many migrants were found in the shipping container?
Where are they from?
How did the police discover them?
Where will they be transported back?
What did the Mexican authorities discovery a day before this accident?
What worries the authorities?


What images are in your mind when you hear the word 'migrant'?
What do you think about migrants being transported in a shipping container?
Why do migrants take more dangerous risk or routes to reach the US?
Why are there so many migrants around the world?
Should the world have no borders?
What issues does your country have with migrants?
What life a waits those migrants from another country once they reached your country?


treacherous - (of ground, water, conditions, etc.) hazardous because of presenting hidden or unpredictable dangers.
smugglers - a person who smuggles goods.
Abandoned - having been deserted or cast off.
escorting - accompany (someone or something) somewhere, especially for protection or security, or as a mark of rank.
detained - to hold or keep in or as if in prison