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Topic : A glitzy Indian wedding for the Ambani family to snarl Mumbai traffic
2024호 7면
TITLE : A glitzy Indian wedding for the Ambani family to snarl Mumbai traffic

 A glitzy Indian wedding for the Ambani family to snarl Mumbai traffic



A glitzy Indian wedding for the Ambani family to snarl Mumbai traffic




MUMBAI (Reuters) -When the son of Asia's richest person Mukesh Ambani marries this week, traffic in a key part of Mumbai will literally stop for the four-day extravaganza to be attended by a gamut of VIPs from former British prime ministers to Kim Kardashian.


The wedding of the billionaire's youngest son Anant Ambani, 29, and his long-time girlfriend Radhika Merchant, 29, is the culmination of lavish celebrations throughout the year and according to police, has been deemed a "public event" due to the presence of international and Indian household names.


Raising the ire of locals, roads near the venue - the upmarket Jio World Convention Centre owned by Ambani's Reliance conglomerate in Mumbai's central business district - will be open only for "event vehicles" between 1 p.m. and midnight July 12-15.


And that's despite Mumbai being notorious for its congested traffic, particularly at this time of year during the monsoon season.


Traffic already has slowed around the immediate area around the venue which is being adorned with decorative lights and red flowers. Marigolds and bright yellow lights have also been used to decorate the trees outside Ambani's 27-storey mansion, Antilia, in Mumbai.


Other celebrities expected to attend the event include former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, U.S. wrestling superstar and actor John Cena and actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, according to a source with knowledge of the plans.


From politics, former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Boris Johnson and India's Defence Minister Rajnath Singh are set to attend, while the CEO of Saudi Aramco, Amin H Nasser, and Samsung Electronics Chairman Jay Y. Lee will be among those representing the world of business.


Pre-wedding celebrations have also been star-studded. Last week, Justin Bieber performed for hundreds of guests at a private pre-wedding concert and in March, Rihanna sang at a separate three-day event in western Gujarat state.

In May, a pre-nuptial luxury European cruise with 800 guests included Bollywood stars and cricketers.


Videos and photos of recent celebrations - including a video of the Ambani family lip syncing and dancing to a Bollywood song as well as one of Mukesh Ambani and his wife driving along with their grandchildren - have flooded social media and are being extensively covered by Indian media.


Friday's wedding will feature traditional Hindu rituals and the reception will be held over two days. On Monday, there will be a "special reception" for Ambani's household staff, according to a document detailing the plans.


Rajan Mehra, chief executive of Club One Air, said the Ambanis have hired three of his company's Falcon-2000 jets to ferry wedding guests and expects 100 plus private planes to be used for the events.


"The guests are coming from all over and each aircraft will make multiple trips across the country," he said.


For some Mumbai residents, it's all too much with social media buzzing with complaints.


"How can it be a public event? Surprised by special treatment on the pain of normal public," asked one user on X.


"If it is a public event, can I go inside??," asks another.




Source : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/big-fat-indian-wedding-ambani-042734080.html




Who are Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant?
When and where is Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's wedding taking place?
What are some of the pre-wedding celebrations that have already taken place?
Which famous personalities are expected to attend the wedding?
How is the Ambani family preparing for the wedding regarding transportation and decorations?
Why are some Mumbai residents upset about the traffic restrictions for the wedding?
What is the significance of the Jio World Convention Centre as the wedding venue?
How long will the wedding celebrations last?


Given their wealth and status, do you think the Ambani family's lavish wedding celebrations are justified?
What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of hosting such a high-profile event in a major city like Mumbai?
How do you think the traffic restrictions and road closures will impact the daily lives of Mumbai residents?
Should the Ambani family be allowed to disrupt public infrastructure for a private event, or should they be required to find alternative solutions?
What are your thoughts on the guest list for the wedding, which includes a mix of celebrities, politicians, and business leaders?
How do you think the Ambani family's wedding celebrations compare to other high-profile weddings you've heard about?
What role do you think social media and media coverage play in the spectacle surrounding this wedding?
Do you think the Ambani family's wealth and status give them special privileges that the average person cannot access?
How do you think the Ambani family's philanthropic efforts, such as the Reliance Foundation, factor into the public perception of their lavish celebrations?
What lessons, if any, can be learned from the Ambani family's approach to planning and executing such a grand wedding event?


Glitzy = pretentiously or tastelessly showy
Extravaganza - A lavish and spectacular event or entertainment.
Ire - Intense anger.
Adorn -To decorate or embellish.
Nuptial-Relating to a wedding or marriage.
Gamut - A complete range or series.
Conglomerate - A large company formed by merging several companies.
Household name - person or thing that is widely known and recognized.
Lip-syncing - The action of moving one's lips in synchronization with a pre-recorded vocal track.