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Topic : Cambodian runner’s determination at SEA Games captures hearts
2023호 6면
TITLE : Cambodian runner’s determination at SEA Games captures hearts

Cambodian runner’s determination at SEA Games captures hearts


The last-placed runner who became toast of Cambodia - VnExpress  International




Phnom Penh witnessed the rise of a new local hero, Bou Samnang. The 20-year-old Cambodian runner gained fame during the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, particularly for her performance in the 5,000-metre event. Despite finishing last, her determination to complete the race in heavy rain endeared her to the nation, and she even received praise from Prime Minister Hun Sen. Videos of her tearful finish spread rapidly online, making her an overnight sensation.


As Bou Samnang basked in her newfound fame at the Morodok Techo Stadium, she was approached by passersby eager to take pictures. She says that although she lost, they still support her wholeheartedly. It’s been a long journey for Bou, who used to train on ill-equipped dirt tracks and has faced numerous struggles, including health problems and the loss of her father, AFP reported.


Despite being anaemic and feeling weak, Bou refused to abandon the race for the sake of her nation, pushing herself to the limit. Though the race was won by Vietnam’s Thi Oanh Nguyen, an accomplished athlete from the region, it was Bou’s persistent spirit that ultimately captured hearts. Finishing just under six minutes after Oanh, Bou credited her determination for her viral fame, saying she wanted to demonstrate that no matter how slow or fast we go, we will still reach our destination as long as we don’t give up.



Source: https://thethaiger.com/news/regional/cambodia/cambodian-runners-determination-during-sea-games-captures-hearts-and-goes-viral-2



Who is Bou Samnang?
In which event did Bou Samnang participate during the Southeast Asian Games?
How did Bou Samnang's performance in the race impact her popularity?
What were some of the struggles Bou Samnang faced on her journey?
Who won the race in which Bou Samnang participated?
Why did Bou Samnang's determination capture the hearts of many people?
What message did Bou Samnang want to convey through her performance?


Why do you think sports heroes and their stories often have a significant impact on society?
What qualities do you think make someone a hero or a role model?
How can stories like Bou Samnang inspire others to overcome challenges and pursue their goals?
How do you think Bou Samnang's viral fame and recognition might influence her future endeavors?
Do you think it's important for society to celebrate and recognize the achievements of athletes who may not always win but display remarkable determination?
Have you ever been inspired by someone's determination and resilience? Can you share the story?
Can you think of any other examples from sports or other fields where individuals' determination and never-give-up attitude became an inspiration for others?


Endeared - someone or something has gained affection, fondness, or positive feelings from others
Overnight sensation - suggests that the individual or object gained widespread attention or fame quickly, often due to a particular event, performance, or viral occurrence.
Endured - Suffered through or persevered in the face of difficulty or hardship.
Ill-equipped - Not properly or adequately equipped or prepared.
Anaemic - Suffering from a condition characterized by a lack of red blood cells or hemoglobin, resulting in weakness and fatigue.
Persistent - Showing determination and staying committed despite challenges or setbacks.
Spirit - Inner strength, courage, or determination.
Resonated - Struck a chord or had a strong emotional impact on someone.