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Topic : KFC shutters over 100 restaurants in Malaysia amid pro-Palestine boycott
2024호 5면
TITLE : KFC shutters over 100 restaurants in Malaysia amid pro-Palestine boycott

 KFC shutters over 100 restaurants in Malaysia amid pro-Palestine boycott

KFC Malaysia shutters over 100 restaurants amidst pro-Palestine boycott |  Marketing-Interactive



KFC has reduced its operations in Malaysia, shuttering more than 100 restaurants temporarily after months of a persistent pro-Palestine boycott of US-linked businesses triggered by the ongoing war in Gaza. 


QSR Brands, which owns and operates the KFC fast-food franchise in Malaysia, is suspending operations of 108 outlets nationwide, the Nanyang Siang Pau Chinese-language daily said, based on information from Google Maps. The maps show which KFC stores have had their status updated to show “temporarily closed”. 


A source at QSR, who declined to be named, said the firm sees the boycott as an opportunity to cease some of the KFC store operations that have weighed on its balance sheet. QRS said in a statement on April 29 that “in response to challenging economic conditions”, it has taken proactive measures to temporarily close outlets in order to manage growing business costs and focus on the busier KFC stores


“Employees from the affected stores were offered the opportunity to relocate to operating stores as part of a tactical strategy to optimize resources in trade zones with higher customer engagement,” the company said. 


“KFC is not on the BDS list of targeted companies. But many Malaysians see any American fast-food operator to be related to Israel including KFC,” said Professor Mohd Nazari Ismail, chairman of pro-Palestinian group Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Malaysia. 


Since the boycott began in October 2023, KFC has shifted its branding strategy, with signs on their menu boards and fliers emphasizing that it is owned by Johor Corporation, which belongs to the Johor state government.


“To mitigate the impact of the boycott, QSR changed its branding strategy to become more Islamic on its website in the fourth quarter of last year,” said the source. 


The company’s website said its businesses provide “employment opportunities for over 30,000 employees, of whom 86 percent are Muslims”.



Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/business/2024/05/01/kfc-shutters-over-100-restaurants-in-malaysia-amid-pro-palestine-boycott.html



How many KFC restaurants in Malaysia have temporarily closed due to the boycott?
What is the name of the company that owns and operates KFC in Malaysia?
What is the reason given by QSR Brands for temporarily closing some KFC outlets?
How has KFC changed its branding strategy to mitigate the impact of the boycott?
What percentage of KFC's employees in Malaysia are Muslims?
What is the name of the pro-Palestinian group leading the boycott in Malaysia?
When did the boycott of US-linked businesses in Malaysia begin?
Is KFC on the BDS list of targeted companies?


Do you think boycotting businesses is an effective way to express political views? Why or why not?
Have you ever participated in or supported a boycott? If so, what was the reason?
How do you think businesses should respond when faced with a boycott?
Do you believe that businesses should be held accountable for the actions of their parent companies or countries?
What are some other ways that people can show their support for the Palestinian cause?
Do you think the boycott will have a significant impact on KFC's business in Malaysia?
How do you think the boycott will affect the employees of the affected KFC stores?
Do you believe that businesses should be more transparent about their ownership and political affiliations?
What are your thoughts on the role of social media in promoting and organizing boycotts?
Do you think the boycott will spread to other businesses or countries?


Boycott-to refuse to buy, use, or participate in (something) as an act of protest
Divestment - the act of selling assets for political reasons
Sanctions: an action taken or an order given to force a country to obey international laws by limiting or stopping trade with that country
Branding - the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design
Mitigate - to make (something bad) less severe, serious, or painful
Affiliate - a company that is owned or controlled by another company
Transparency: the quality of being easily seen through or understood
Organize - to put (people or things) into a particular order or structure