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Topic : States are cracking down on companies micro chipping their employees
2020호 9면
TITLE : States are cracking down on companies micro chipping their employees

States are cracking down on companies micro chipping their employees 

States are cracking down on companies microchipping their employees — how  common is it? - MarketWatch



Some businesses have said they let employees implant microchips to get media attention


Indiana is a step closer to forbidding companies from forcing workers to implant microchips in their bodies, following the state House of Representatives’ unanimous passage of a bill last week that could make it the 12th state with such a law.


Is this just a bill to protect against the stuff of science fiction?


Not at all, say experts on workplace law and technology, who worry the rice-sized microchips can open up massive questions about worker privacy and company surveillance.


“I would definitely not call it far-fetched,” said Ifeoma Ajunwa, a Cornell University labor and employment law professor focused on the ethical use of workplace technology. It’s been three years since workers at one Wisconsin company voluntarily had microchips inserted in their hands, and it’s likely there are “more companies out there, but they are probably not advertising it,” Ajunwa said.


Those workers — typically on the IT side of a business — get an implant for personal use. The microchip is typically inserted between the thumb and index finger. The chips Graafstra’s company sells start around $50, plus an optional $50 for insertion with an affiliated doctor or piercing expert


In the same way certain smartphone users arrange to get work emails on their personal phone, Graafstra said some chipped customers use their chip at work so they can, for example, open up doors without company badges or key fobs. In Sweden, people have been using microchips to store their emergency contact information, and pay for train rides and gym memberships.


Source : https://www.marketwatch.com/story/states-are-cracking-down-on-companies-microchipping-their-employees-how-common-is-it-and-why-does-it-happen-2020-02-03



What do some businesses allow their employees to do?
What does State of Indiana want to do regarding this issue of microchip implant?
What are the worries about microchip implant among employees?
Where does the chip usually inserted?
How much does it cost?
Why do some employees like to have microchip implant?


What do you think about this article?
What do you think about this chip?
Would you like to have one? Why or why not?
Do you think it’s convenient?
What are the risks of having it?
Do you think it’s going to be available in Korea soon?
Have you heard about this thing in Korea?
How will this chip impact the world?
Do you agree with the plan of Indiana to forbid microchip implant?
Would you agree to have a microchip implant if your company asked you to?
How important is your privacy?


implant - insert or fix (tissue or an artificial object) in a person's body, especially by surgery.
forbid - refuse to allow (something).
bill - proposed legislation under consideration by a legislature.
unanimous - (of an opinion, decision, or vote) held or carried by everyone involved.
surveillance - close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal.
far-fetched - unlikely and unconvincing; implausible