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Hi! I’m Riah, a freelance writer and designer. I majored in Multimedia Arts and Design so I’m knowledgable in Adobe softwares. My forte, however, is filmmaking. Moreover, I teach English full-time. I’ve been teaching young learners to adult professionals for almost 3 years now and my students have been mostly East Asians such as Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and Taiwanese. Although I’m open to any type of culture since I am a traveler as well. As a teacher, I focus on improving the student's communication skills, and go through the mechanics of grammar based on their common mistakes. My teaching method is to make the lessons as interesting as possible because people learn more effortlessly that way. I am also keen on pronunciation because speaking clearly is an important factor in conversational English.
On my free time, when I’m not working, I just paint, shop on the weekends, study about random things to be productive at least. I mostly spend my time in coffee shops, though. They are my comfort zone. And I was actually a Starbucks barista for 5 months to be a coffee connoisseur to understand more about my favorite drink which is a latte. So that is a little summary about me and I can’t wait to learn about the fascinating stories about you or your country, so see you in my class!
Hi! I'm teacher Princess but most of my friends call me Cess. I'm 27 years old. I took Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. When I have nothing to do, I listen to music, chat my friends, watch videos and movies and play with my puppy, Gaara. I love to travel and meet different people. I really want to get rid of my gloss phobia or speech anxiety so I joined English classes and trainings after graduating in high school. They help me a lot to boost my confidence. I started teaching English in language centers for Asians in 2007. I had a great experience because I met people from different countries such as South Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam. I got to learn their culture and lifestyle.
In 2008, I started to work online until 2015. It is amazing how technology helps people to communicate across the globe. As most people say, it is the modern way of learning. Although it is a bit different from offline teaching, I still enjoyed my experience with the company I work with. I decided to change my expertise so I work as real estate agent for two big developers. From here, I learned how to sell, to present information to client and to think like a businessman. I go back teaching English for Happy English in 2017. Teaching is my passion because it allows me to share and learn at the same time. I love it when my students appreciate me as a friend and a teacher. Meeting people inspired me to travel around the Philippines. Hopefully, I get a chance to go around the world. I am so excited to meet you my future students.
Welcome to Happy English! My name is Teacher Phoebe. I have taught Taiwanese, Chinese, and Korean students. Also, a few Colombian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chilean, and Japanese students have enrolled, in both one-on-one and group classes (offline). My students engage in studying Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation, Writing, IELTS Speaking, TOEIC Reading, and TOEFL/TOEIC Listening. My first teaching experience with Korean university students in 2008 made me teach again in 2012.
I'm the kind of person who loves visiting interesting places at least once a year here and abroad. I got to know more about Korean culture when I had the chance to visit Korea in 2010. Let's talk more about Korea when we meet. I'm looking forward to studying with you. See you!
Hi, I am teacher Pamela but you can call me Pam. I took up Bachelor of Science in Tourism management since I love travelling. I traveled in different places in my country as well as various countries abroad. I also have TESOL Certification which I took up after I finished my degree. I am the eldest among two siblings and growing up I am used in helping my sister in her studies. I have loved the English language since I was in High school and I received awards like "Best in English" and "Best in reading" but not in my wildest dream that I would end up teaching the language. As time goes by I enjoyed teaching students. I can't explain the fulfillment and joy every time the students learn something from me. It's something money cannot buy.
I have experienced teaching different kinds of Korean students from children to adult. I am confident to say that I am good in what I do which is teaching because I always give my best but it doesn't mean that I am perfect. I believe that there is always room for improvement and I don't limit myself with the learning that I have today. Since I am an easy going person I promote fun and interactive way of learning. I am also looking forward in acquiring new knowledge with my students. Let's have fun while learning, I hope to see you in class.
Hello, everyone! I am Odette and I have been an ESL Online Instructor since 2008. I must say that the passion for teaching runs in my blood for I have relatives who are also into teaching. They, as well as my former teachers, have inspired me to follow their footsteps and lead me to become the teacher I am today. Being a one-on-one or a man-to-man tutor when I was in college triggered my interest in teaching English to Koreans. It has not just been a challenging experience to teach them English but it has also been very fulfilling on my part since I have been able to encourage, enhance, help and guide them to achieve their goals - developing their English skills and maintaining their skills to become good English speakers.
My interests are reading English books and watching American TV series. I have no favorite genre for I choose and enjoy reading a particular book or watching a TV series depending on my mood. With such interests, I am able to enhance more of my own English skills particular listening and American pronunciation while enjoying my free time. Remember, "Do it with passion or not at all". I am very glad to be of help to my students every step of the way.
A teacher who wears different hat everyday defines me very well. I am Noreen Borda. I graduated from a State University in the Philippines with the degree under education. I have been teaching Online and classroom based since 2016. I love conducting classes in a conducive set up. I taught in an International School, English Online Company and in a well known private university.
Movies and series with a twist excites me the most whether it is Japanese, Korean or American. Moreover, mentoring all ages from different nationalities like Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican and etc. is teaching me a lot. I get to know their culture, they get to know ours. And that is the beauty of teaching. I am more than willing to share what’s on my mind and I would love to teach you the things that you might not know. But please also remember that we are learning together. Kindness, patience, understanding and being lively are the qualities that I possess. I hope to see you in my class so we can have fun learning together!
I am Alonika Fragata, a graduate of Digital Multimedia Development and Design. My dream to become a Filmmaker made me decide to take the course. As a student, I received several awards and I worked as the Editor-in-Chief of our school paper. My course taught me to be creative and to work under pressure. The course was designed to help students to create audio -visual productions in Advertising and Filming. I enrolled in English Proficiency Program to improve my communication skills more. Aside from writing poetry, I also like to read books and watch movies during my free time. I love reading epic fantasy novels like ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.
I did not expect to be in the field of teaching. However, from time went on; I learned to love the work. The fact that I am sharing my knowledge and making someone smile makes me so happy. I am fully satisfied if someone learns something from me. Developing my English skills is one of the things I do so that I can also share the knowledge to my students.
Hello, My name is teacher Naomi and I am really proud to be a teacher here at Happy English. I come from an island in Caribbean called Trinidad and Tobago where English is the native language. I studied Linguistics at the University of the West Indies and I am also TEFL certified. I enjoyed learning so much that I went on to do a Masters degree in Business as well.
I officially began teaching English back in 2016 when I volunteered at an orphanage in my country. It is one of my happiest memories and best experiences to date. I have since lived and taught English in Spain for two years. When I am not working, I spend my time doing art such as painting and drawing. I also love playing video games and going to the beach. I would very much enjoy the opportunity to help you improve your English and achieve your personal goals. I really want to help you succeed at your own pace as well as get to know about South Korea.
Hello I'm Nanette. You can call me nette for short. I'm the second child of three and I live with family though I'm already an adult. I like indoor activities such as reading and and playing a guitar. However, I don't consider myself as a bookworm or a good guitar player as well. I like listening to music too. You wouldn't believe it, but, I enjoy listening to classical music. Specially those compositions made by famous classical composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Spending time with friends makes me realize how good life is. Therefore, I usually spend time with them. On the other hand, laughing with my siblings is another part of the story. And why? Because I consider them as my bestfriends. For me, watching a movie with them at home is enough.
I've been teaching Korean students for 7 years now. I enjoy talking to Koreans because they are witty. Moreover, being an ESL teacher is really fun. In world where English is an international language, speaking English fluently gives people an oppotunity to know people with different skin. It also helps people to become competitive and confident in any field they are involve with. Lastly, working in a friendly environment like what Happy English offers will help someone to become efficient.
Hey there! This is Teacher Mich and welcome to Happy English. You just made the right choice! As a teacher I believe that one of the greatest things you could ever do to others is to be able to impart your knowledge as well as to inspire them. And very few people have the ability to do that and teachers are one of them. To be one of those few is truly a blessing for me because I can make use of the talent which God gave me.
One important thing that I always tell my students is that learning is like our lives, it's a process and not something that you can rush. Every obstacles that we face there's a lesson and that lesson is what we use in facing another one and so on until we become a better person. That's why we just need to enjoy the journey of learning. Attaining education is a stepping stone to succces not a burden to carry on our shoulder. In Happy English we don't only promise quality English education but also a fun environment to study at. I'll see you in class!
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