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Hi! My name is Melanie but you can also call me Mel. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in English Language. Languages fascinate me; and English, being the first foreign language I learned as a child, holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, I loved studying how words are formed, how they are made into sentences, and how they can be used to connect with people. Isn't it amazing how much power a language has? This is the power you can use too when you learn English. English, being a global language, can open up a lot of opportunities for you and your future.Shall we explore the English language together? I'll be happy to guide you.
I first started teaching English in 2010 for one-on-one classes. Afterwhich, I also taught online and had a variety of students from Korea and Japan. I’ve handled students of different levels and ages and I’m excited to help you learn English too! See you in class, future student!
Hey there learners! I am Teacher Mersa. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Laguna State Polytechnic University. I am very much interested in reading and watching documentaries. Teaching has always been my passion.
I started teaching English to kids in 2018 which supported my studies as I was a working student, then I decided to be a freelance teacher to individuals of different ages who want to improve their English Communication Skills. I am a cheerful instructor who is very passionate in learning other people’s culture through friendly conversations with different nationalities I encounter in my virtual classroom. Growing up, I always make sure to give my 100% in everything that I do, so with my experiences and expertise in the field of education, I will patiently guide you in your journey to learn English in the best way possible. Learning can be so much fun when your teacher can give you an interesting one. What are you waiting for? Come to my class and experience a fun-filled, enjoyable, and one-of-a-kind learning encounter!
Hi! My name is Mialyn E. Peralta, but you can just call me Teacher Mia. I took Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English. During my first two years of school teaching, I felt so grateful to my mom that she incited me to take this profession. Who will not going to love those children who needed your guidance? It's an honor to be called "the second mother" in a form of a teacher who will be a part of their growth and development. You might be thinking now that I'm a serious-boring-type of person because of what I said earlier, but unfortunately, I'm not. Allow me to give you a walk-through about my high spirited side. Outside of work, I like to engage in my personal activities such as reading manga and novels, watching Asian or American movies, and playing video games in different available consoles at home or at malls. I also love raising pets! In fact, I have 4 cats, 2 dogs and a chicken at home, but please don't mistook me as a farmer.
I had been an ESL tutor since 2012 both personal and online. Being an ESL tutor has some minor differences compare to being a classroom teacher. For instance, I'm just teaching one or two students at a time that's why I can focus on certain skills that need some careful attention. Another one, they can learn and improve easily because I can listen and pay close attention to my ESL students to make sure that I'm using the right teaching method for them. Lastly, I treat them as my friend to make sure that they understand every lesson I give them because I make them feel the freedom of asking questions and not just nodding in accordance. My passion for teaching always motivates students to have passion for learning and improving the English language, too.
Hello there! My name is Mich. Welcome to Happy English, you just made the right choice. Aside from watching movies and series, I also like reading novels in my free time. English used to be a challenge for me at young age, so I know, and I understand my students' struggles in learning English.
I've been teaching English to ESL students since 2009 but every day still feels exciting. I have taught students in all walks of life and it's amazing how I see them turn into a better version of them. I always tell my students that learning English should be a stepping stone to success and not a burden to carry. And as the saying goes "Practice makes Perfect" that's the secret to a faster progress. It would also takes two to tango so what are you waiting for "Let's do it together!" I'll see you in class!
Hello. I am Monique. I studied Bachelor of Arts in English and graduated in year 2012. I like sharing my knowledge to my students and seeing them improve day by day brings me joy and absolute fulfillment. In my downtime, I enjoy playing video games, Fortnite and Stardew Valley being my 2 favorites. I'm into visual arts and also playing Violin. I make time to hang out with my family and visit random coffee shops too!
I worked as an ESL teacher since 2016 for Koreans and Chinese students, from 2014 until 2022. I also took the post of an Assistant Team Leader and a Level tester. I hope that I'll be able to help you improve and be part of your journey in learning English!
Hello! I am Nam, a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in English. I am a former ESL teacher instructing Koreans and have gained valuable knowledge and skills from classroom-based and other online teaching platforms. I am exemplary at time management, organization, and communication - either writing or oral. I always connect with my learners to captivate their interests and excitement for discoveries. Moreover, to expand my professional credibility and teaching quality, I have accomplished TEFL and EF SET certificates. Apart from that, I likewise have a strong passion for creative and literary writing which additionally helps enhance my proficiency in the English language and allows me to publish books.
I am here to help my students learn English with excitement and ensure to transform their minds that learning is fun and interesting as I foster a harmonious, driven, and safe learning space. The students in my class will not be afraid of failure, but rather see the motivation to practice the English language without hesitation to achieve fluency. So, are you ready to learn English in a fun way? Do you want to speak and read English proficiently? Well then, see you in my class!
Hello, my name is Nathalie. I have a bachelor's degree in Tourism Management. But I am a certified ESL Teacher. I got a Teaching English as a Second Language or TEFL certificate in 2018. In the same year, I started my career as an Online ESL Teacher for various companies. I have taught the English language to various students from kids to young professionals from around the globe. Prior to that, I have been a private tutor in our hometown to elementary kids.
I love seeing my students learn something from me that’s why I always make sure to have a fruitful and engaging class with my students. I would glad to be part of your English language learning journey. I hope to see you in one of my classes.
I am Alonika Fragata, a graduate of Digital Multimedia Development and Design. My dream to become a Filmmaker made me decide to take the course. As a student, I received several awards and I worked as the Editor-in-Chief of our school paper. My course taught me to be creative and to work under pressure. The course was designed to help students to create audio -visual productions in Advertising and Filming. I enrolled in English Proficiency Program to improve my communication skills more. Aside from writing poetry, I also like to read books and watch movies during my free time. I love reading epic fantasy novels like ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.
I did not expect to be in the field of teaching. However, from time went on; I learned to love the work. The fact that I am sharing my knowledge and making someone smile makes me so happy. I am fully satisfied if someone learns something from me. Developing my English skills is one of the things I do so that I can also share the knowledge to my students.
Hello, I'm Nova. I studied BS Electronics in university, and for the past five years, I've been deeply involved in the call center industry, handling technical support, customer service, and sales roles for our foreign clients. This diverse experience has equipped me with strong communication skills, adaptability, and a knack for problem-solving – valuable attributes that I believe will enhance the ESL teaching experience for my students."
I recently transitioned to ESL teaching and has an experience of teaching kids to adults. I've found joy in creating engaging lessons. My call center experience has instilled in me patience, empathy, and effective communication – crucial elements for connecting with learners and making English learning not just educational, but enjoyable. Looking forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.
Hello, everyone! I am Odette and I have been an ESL Online Instructor since 2008. I must say that the passion for teaching runs in my blood for I have relatives who are also into teaching. They, as well as my former teachers, have inspired me to follow their footsteps and lead me to become the teacher I am today. Being a one-on-one or a man-to-man tutor when I was in college triggered my interest in teaching English to Koreans. It has not just been a challenging experience to teach them English but it has also been very fulfilling on my part since I have been able to encourage, enhance, help and guide them to achieve their goals - developing their English skills and maintaining their skills to become good English speakers.
My interests are reading English books and watching American TV series. I have no favorite genre for I choose and enjoy reading a particular book or watching a TV series depending on my mood. With such interests, I am able to enhance more of my own English skills particular listening and American pronunciation while enjoying my free time. Remember, "Do it with passion or not at all". I am very glad to be of help to my students every step of the way.
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