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Hello everyone. My name is Stella. My hometown is in Manila. I took up Education in University. I’m jolly, active, and friendly too. I like chatting with friends and working with co-workers as well. I love to listen to good music to relax my mind. I am fond of traveling and trying foreign cuisines. I enjoy teaching English and sharing knowledge to students. It is a good chance to teach and communicate with people in English like Koreans because it enables me to discover their culture. I believe that getting better at English can only be achieved if you give your best when learning it. So when in class, I think the most important advice I can give to students is to always have that great confidence in them and keep in mind that there is no learning without remembering.
I have been teaching Koreans since 2009. I have taught them offline and online as well. From those teaching experiences, I have become more communicative with the English language. I have learned to be adapted to their speaking as well as their learning styles. I have adjusted to their English needs. I have experienced teaching younger Koreans, (elementary to high school students) the university students, and the adult students. It has been a good experience to teach Koreans because you have the chance to learn their culture. More than teaching them, it is more of understanding their needs when it comes to learning English.
Hi, everyone! I'm Teacher Ver. I have graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at Far Eastern University. I am an enthusiastic and approachable person. One of my hobbies is watching movies and series, especially Korean drama. I love learning Korean culture and their language because it is my way to connect and get to know more of my students.
I am a licensed professional teacher, and I have been teaching Korean students since 2019. Teaching is not my first choice, but seeing my students learned, made me realized that I made the right decision to pursue my teaching career. As your teacher, I will help you to be better at English, all you have to do is to listen and to have the 2 P’s --- patience and passion. See you in my class!
Hi there! I am teacher Wilma, residing in the Philippines. I'm an extrovert. A friendly and outgoing person and I love exploring, talking with different types of people, learning their cultures, delicacies, traditions, and imparting what I've got. I am a hotel and restaurant management graduate with a Master of Arts in Ministry.
I am a Sunday school teacher and one of the vocalists in the music team. ESL teaching was my first job in the year 2013. I taught kids to adults. And I enjoyed everything until the path walked me to a different profession. Which made me realize that I am really in love with teaching. Helping my students to express themselves, thus communicate well. Break language barriers and gain confidence. I would make sure my class would be fun and learning at the same time. We might be slow, but let's not stop. Let's enjoy the moment. See yeah!
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Hi, I'm Zyra. I'm a graduate of AB English and a TESOL certified. I have been teaching English to Koreans and Japanese ranges from children to professionals for years now. During my spare time, I usually sing and play guitar and because of my love for music, I sometimes write songs. I also love to listen to old songs maybe because of its poetic lyrics. In today's generation, I love to listen to Taylor Swift and Blackpink music. Aside from music, I am also into children. Once in a year, I devote my time and resources to reach out to out of school youth to give them educational materials and to teach and motivate them to dream. I also like to travel and meet new faces and culture. I have given the chance to join an International group which leads me to meet different nationalities. I really appreciate the differences and the uniqueness of everyone that eventually leads me to love mine more.
I'm very passionate in teaching because it satisfies my calling of helping the world creates a better future by helping my students achieved their dreams in life. I believe in the saying of Aristotle that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. I am equipped with the knowledge that learning a language takes time and practice but I always make sure that my class is always engaging, fun, easy and exciting and that's what Happy English offers- a friendly environment. So I hope to see you in my class. Together, we can make a better future.
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