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Hello everyone! My name is Teacher Lara! I am a friendly person and I love talking to different people. I love learning different cultures and languages that’s why I am also interested in teaching students with different nationalities. I am responsible in helping students in listening and speaking communication skills. My teaching strategy is dynamic. My classes are fun, creative and interesting. In my class, don't worry if you commit mistakes because that is part of our learning. I am here to guide and teach you. Let’s have fun while learning English.
I have graduated at Batangas State University with the Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, Major in English. I am a Licensed Professional Teacher and TESOL-certified holder. I have been teaching English to students since 2014, in both private and public schools. I have international teaching experiences in Shanghai, China and Lamphun, Thailand. Most of my students were zero English learners, but putting all of my hard works and dedication, students created their own spotlight in learning English. I am happy to teach you and I look forward meeting you in my class. Have a great day! See you.
Hello! Welcome to Happy English! I am Teacher Levi. I have graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. I was hesitant to take this course at first, because of my low self-esteem and incompetency. However, as the time goes by, I overcame my fears and became a better communicator now. I realized that with courage and perseverance you'll be able to conquer your fears. I've been wanting to apply this process to my students who are having difficulties in speaking the foreign language. It may be tough but fulfilling once succeeded.
It's been a long time now since I've started teaching English and it's very satisfying to see my students grow and improve. I am fond of teaching. I love to share my knowledge to students and to have conversation with them. I also love to watch Korean dramas. I am a cheerful and a happy person. I always make sure that the class is fun and interactive so the students would feel satisfied too. Hope to see you in my class!
Hello everybody! I'm Teacher Liezl . I'm the eldest and the only girl in the family. I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the University of Perpetual Help. My hobbies include reading, swimming, doing yoga, singing and listening to music. I am also very fond of Literature, Psychology and History. I love learning different languages and dialects, too, such as Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish. But I can say that Mandarin is the easiest one for me! I have tons of interests because I'm the kind of person who loves learning and experimenting.
I have been working as an ESL Teacher since 2011. I was barely nineteen when I started teaching Korean and Chinese students. Since then I've been teaching lessons in Junior & Senior Phone English, Business English, OPIC, TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL and Job Interview. I was also once a teacher for Speaking and Writing class for man-to-man and group classes. I also taught lessons in some Academic subjects such as History, Biology and Basic Algebra. And lastly, I used to be a trainer for teachers using the material "American Accent Training". I am very excited to have you in my class. You will learn a lot and will have fun at the same time. See you soon! (",)
Hi there. Nice to meet you! My name is Angel Love Puyod, but you can call me Teacher Love. I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, Major in Writing. I have been exposed to a variety of writing styles in the course of my studies, including creative writing and critical analysis. I believe that communication is the key to preventing misunderstandings and developing strong relationships. I have always had a strong desire in learning new things and developing skills in the field of communication—whether it would be writing or speaking.
After graduating, I worked as an Accounts Receivable Specialist for Genpact from 2019 to 2021, where I handled the account for Coca-Cola North America. My experience working in this shared-services environment has allowed me to speak to my customers with high regard and professionalism. As your teacher, I'm happy to assist you with the English language, so you can achieve your goals and express yourself more effectively and confidently. I'll see you in my class!
Hello there! My name is Teacher Maiah. I graduated from the Technological University of the Philippines with a degree Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education Major in Civil Engineering Technology. I love Korean culture, especially its music and dramas. I’m a big fan of BTS, and my ultimate bias is Jin. I love IU and Bae Suzy when it comes to acting. Those hobbies lead me to this profession.
I’ve been teaching since 2019. Teaching has been my passion since my childhood days until now. I believe that learning the universal language, English, is very important in this competitive society. That’s why I’m here to help you hone your skills in that area. I am looking forward to studying English with you. I make sure to make our discussion interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try new things! Fighting!
Hello! I am Teacher Mai from Happy English. How do you do? I took up BA Philosophy at the University of the Philippines, one of the top universities in the country. I chose this major as a Pre-Law course in hope that I can be a lawyer someday. But teaching and imparting knowledge has always been my zeal, I knew that I should be a teacher. For me, teaching is my worthy vocation and my contribution to society
I started teaching during my last year in college as I was hired as a tutor for grade school students. In 2007, right after I finished my studies, I was hired as an ESL Teacher by a company under Daekyo. I initially helped very young students get acquainted with the English language through story books. As my previous company expanded, so did our clientele. I then taught Koreans of different ages and levels from all walks of life. Being a mother to three young kids, I became very patient in teaching as I know each person is unique and has to be treated as such. And though English is not thenative language in my country, my children are all fluent English speakers. This is what I hope to achieve with you, too. It would be both my pleasure and fun to instruct you with the intricacies and nuances of the English language. Hope to see you soon!
Hi I am Teacher Mar. I like music and I love to travel because I like to learn about new culture and meet people with different personalities. I also like to read books and I am also interested in many different topics; that's why in my class I always initiate a conversation and encourage my students to express their thoughts and opinions about certain topics.
I have been teaching English to Koreans of different age group for some time now. I like teaching because I can help other people develop their skills and it feels great to be a part of someone's development. As I have been teaching English to Koreans online; I always maintain a good and friendly relationship with my students. I see to it that they are comfortable in my class ; It's a way for me to encourage them to learn the English language easily. I always tell my students that they shouldn't feel intimidated or discourage when they commit mistakes because it's a part of learning and learning the English language should be fun. See you in my class!!
Hello. I am Teacher Margie, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English in Marinduque State College. I’ve been teaching online since 2017. I have taught English to different nationalities of different age group and English level. My background includes my certification in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) with the aim of helping students reach their goals both in written and oral language skill.
In my class, I like to spend my time listening to my students especially when they are sharing their different ideas and opinions about things around them. I am a passionate and friendly person. I could easily understand my students and could cope up with their thoughts. I have a very long patience and is approachable as well. My students could ask help from me and I would definitely help them without thinking twice. Students would really enjoy in my class because I am not a very strict teacher. After every lesson, I want my students to feel comfortable, be more confident, be curious and not be afraid for the future. I hope to see you soon in my class. Thank you!
Hi! How are you? I'm Teacher Marnen. I am a Licensed Professional Teacher with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English. I have always wanted to try teaching Koreans. Since, I am fond of watching K-dramas, Mukbangs videos and I love Korean foods too.
I’ve been an ESL teacher since 2018. In where I experienced teaching Japanese students from Grade School to Senior High School level. That is why I can’t wait to have a conversation with you using the English language. I believe that I am cheerful, understanding, and kind teacher. I love teaching kids. I can teach them phonics to conversational English. I also love topics for adult learners such as interview English, travel English, and classic English conversation, as well as IELTS, OPIC and TOEC. I also love having free talk conversation about food, travel, education and anything that the students like. I know that learning another language is difficult that is why my goal as a teacher is to make learning fun and exciting and part of my job as an English teacher is also to inspire, motivate, and assist when going gets tough. So, see you in my class.
Hi there! I hope you're doing well! I'm Teacher May. In 2008, I graduated as one of the academic achievers from our University. I took up Bachelor of Science in Marketing. I also have a TESOL certificate. After I graduated, my first job was to work as a Customer Service Representative in a BPO company where all of my customers were Americans. So I have lots of experience in dealing with foreign clients. Currently, I am an online English teacher. I have been an English teacher for quite some time now. I've come across students with different levels of communication skills. My specialty is oral communication skills such as daily conversation and free talking exercises. We can talk about anything under the sun.
I believe that learning should be fun. So I make sure that my student will learn a lot and at the same time have fun in my class. I can easily adjust to the level of my student. I'm a good listener. I love listening to my students' thoughts and Ideas. I also make sure that my student will be comfortable in my class. It would be nice to be your teacher and your friend. I hope to see you in my class soon!
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