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Hello there. My name is Teacher Erika from Happy English. I've been teaching English since March 2020. I can teach both kids and adults with different English levels. I'm a friendly, kind, and approachable Teacher. My hobbies are watching Anime, traveling and modeling.
A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning. Being in this teaching industry, I realize that you may be able to share and gain knowledge from each other That's why a good teacher expands their knowledge continuously to provide better teaching and learning experience. And let us help each other to fulfill your goal to be a fluent English speaker. See you in our class!
Hi, good day! I'm Faye. I'm a fourth-year college undergraduate taking up Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies. I am very fascinated with the Korean Culture, reason why I took formal Basic Korean Language and Culture classes. During my free time, I like reading novels and watching anime and Korean dramas. I also like singing and playing the guitar and piano as I love music just as much.
I have been in the ESL teaching industry since 2018. I have taught students of various ages and nationalities, from Chinese, to Taiwanese and Koreans. I have always been passionate about teaching because I also learn from my students that way. I like hearing their stories and daily experiences while helping them improve their English proficiency. I would love to help my students and in the future, if possible, make friends with them because I am not just a teacher, I am also a friend. Thank you for listening to me! I hope to see you in my class!
Hi everyone! :) My name is Feliza. I graduated from The National Teachers College with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. I took up this course because I love imparting my knowledge to everyone especially to those people who are very much eager to learn. My hobbies are reading books, hanging out with my friends, watching movies and I love travelling. I would like to explore the beauty of our nature plus, I also like meeting new people.
I have been an Online Teacher since 2012, and it was a superb experience teaching Koreans because they are very eager to learn the language. I love teaching and guiding them step by step until they get a good result. Because for me, achieving their goals are not only their success but also mine. To my future students, I promise you that we will all have a fun time studying English. ^^
Hello! My name is Teacher France. I graduated with a degree in Psychology. I have passed the licensure exam for Psychometrician in 2019. I have been working as a full-time senior recruiter for an American company since 2019. I have always been passionate about the idea of teaching and being able to share my knowledge with others.
When I was in college, I volunteered for several programs that allowed me to teach children and people with special needs. I also studied in a foreign country when I was in high school so I can also identify with your struggles. With my knowledge in psychology helps me understand people a lot more and my passion for teaching, I couldn't be happier to help you get started in your journey to being an excellent English speaker!
Hi Everyone!!! I am Glory, an ESL teacher and I took up Business Information Management in AMA University. My hobbies are reading books, cooking , dancing and surfing the Internet.
I started to work as an ESL teacher since 2008 up to present. I am enjoying my work as a teacher because I can meet different types of people everyday and that made me become a flexible person. I love talking and sharing some stories to my students and they also do the same. Some of them say that Learning English is difficult but I believe in saying that "Practice makes you perfect" I know it is not easy to learn English language especially for us, non native speakers. Unfortunately there are challenges that we need to overcome. But you have nothing to worry about. I will always be here to help and guide you. Together we will conquer all your fears and difficulties. I know you can do it. All you have to do is to believe in yourself and to trust me as your English teacher. Have a Great day! Gamsahamnida!
Hi everyone, my name is Mary Grace Relox but you can call me Grace. I graduated from San Mateo Municipal College with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. I took up this course since this was my childhood dream, my passion and because i love teaching children's that love to learn and I love imparting my knowledge to everyone. Ever since, I love the English subject because English language helps me boost my confidence in speaking and communicating to every individuals using English language. Aside from teaching, I love to play baseball and volleyball and my hobby is dancing.
I can say that teaching is my real passion because i love to teach the children to be confident in speaking English. love imparting my knowledge because achieving their goals is not only their success but also mine.I won't promise anything but I am looking forward to see you inn class.
Hi! My name is Ina. I'm 25 years old and I'm from Quezon City, Philippines. I like to think I'm very cheerful and friendly. I love music, movies, TV shows and books. I also love people. I think they're very interesting. I believe there's always something one can learn from someone so I don't really shy away from any opportunity to talk to or get to know a person. I think, this is partly the reason why I wanted to teach. For me, teaching is reciprocal. I can learn from students as much as they can learn from me. The other reason is, of course, I like sharing knowledge to people who want to learn. For me, playing a part in someone's improvement is very fulfilling.
I've been teaching for a couple of years now. I also come from a family of educators. Adding to my teaching experience is the fact that I'm a mother so everyday is a teaching experience for me. I was an assistant English teacher in another country in 2016. I've also taught English man-to-man here in the Philippines since 2017. Aside frome those, I also did some private tutoring in 2013. I'm pretty confident that I can be of help to you so I hope to be part of your journey in learning English. Thank you for listening. Have a good day!
Hi, I’m Ivee. I am approachable and kind to everyone. I graduated from New Era University with Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. At first, I’m not fond of teaching but when I finished my internship, my views about teaching changed. It’s very relaxing seeing your students smile and learn from you. I’m looking forward to share my knowledge to my students.
I enjoy learning new things because I believe that learning never stops; and learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things. I only just finished my internship at New Era Integrated School and Balara High School this year. I taught English, Reading and Research during my internship. Let’s have fun learning the English language. See you in class.
Hi! I'm teacher Jade. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English when I was in college. It is not my first choice because my ideal course is Mass Communication. I can say that being a teacher is not my first love but, it became my true love. I want to teach my students not only from the book but, from my heart. For me, teaching Koreans is like teaching Filipinos too.
Language may be a barrier for us but through English communication, we can be connected. I know it is difficult to learn English but through this company and the teachers who serve here, we can make English learning easier. Welcome to Happy English, see you in my class!
Hello, there! I am teacher Jamila of Happy English. I have been working as an ESL teacher for 6 years now. I have experience teaching Chinese, Turkish, Taiwanese, and Korean students of various ages.
Learning English can be challenging but it is also valuable and can create many opportunities. It enables us to communicate easily with the people around the world. And it is my joy to help you in your process of acquiring this skill. Like a climber, who doesn't see the peak of the mountain but knows it is there, wrapped in the clouds, all you need to do is to keep going. Let's make it simple and relevant to your situation and needs. Have fun! See you in the class!
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