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Hello! I’m Teacher Meca! I have been in the ESL industry for over three years now. I have helped a multitude of students overcome their language barrier and learn how to express themselves in literary English. I know for a fact that learning a new language is not easy, and everyone has a different learning style and pace. This is why, in my class, I always ensure that my students are empowered and are having fun while they are learning. Not only that, I also aim to be a positive role model for my students in everything I do. And so, take a chance on me. Together, let us try to overcome your language barrier and learn how to speak and write proficiently in English.
I am currently in pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Political Science. After graduation, I intend to continue my study and earn a degree in Law. Regardless of my ongoing pursuit in life, I am confident to say that I am a competent and skilled English tutor. I’ve had many experiences demanding proficient use of the English language, specifically with speaking and writing. Throughout my experience, I came across a diverse pool of learners with different learning demands, styles, and preferences. This has led me to develop the necessary skills that rendered me capable and generally an excellent help to those who are challenged by the English language, grammar, and spelling. And so, allow me to be a character of assistance in your pursuit of growth and development. I hope to see you in my class soon!
I am Teacher Media. Aside from teaching, I love reading and mountain climbing. I majored in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. And took up my post-grad study in Education in Philippine Normal University. Teaching is my passion. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences to my student. And I believe if you want to reach your goal, you have to set your vision and do your best to achieve this. With determination, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE.
I have been an ESL teacher for eight years since 2006 for Korean and Chinese students. I started my career as an ESL teacher when I taught in an International English academy for two years. I handled man-to-man classes and group classes for Korean students. In 2008, I started teaching English online. I worked for one of the biggest online company in China. I taught basic conversational English and Business English. And I have been in this company since 2011. I teach English for both kids and adult learners. I teach basic English, English test like TOEIC, IELTS and OPIC. I also handle job interview courses and free talking classes.
Hi! My name is Melanie but you can also call me Mel. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in English Language. Languages fascinate me; and English, being the first foreign language I learned as a child, holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, I loved studying how words are formed, how they are made into sentences, and how they can be used to connect with people. Isn't it amazing how much power a language has? This is the power you can use too when you learn English. English, being a global language, can open up a lot of opportunities for you and your future.Shall we explore the English language together? I'll be happy to guide you.
I first started teaching English in 2010 for one-on-one classes. Afterwhich, I also taught online and had a variety of students from Korea and Japan. I’ve handled students of different levels and ages and I’m excited to help you learn English too! See you in class, future student!
Hey there learners! I am Teacher Mersa. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Laguna State Polytechnic University. I am very much interested in reading and watching documentaries. Teaching has always been my passion.
I started teaching English to kids in 2018 which supported my studies as I was a working student, then I decided to be a freelance teacher to individuals of different ages who want to improve their English Communication Skills. I am a cheerful instructor who is very passionate in learning other people’s culture through friendly conversations with different nationalities I encounter in my virtual classroom. Growing up, I always make sure to give my 100% in everything that I do, so with my experiences and expertise in the field of education, I will patiently guide you in your journey to learn English in the best way possible. Learning can be so much fun when your teacher can give you an interesting one. What are you waiting for? Come to my class and experience a fun-filled, enjoyable, and one-of-a-kind learning encounter!
Hi! My name is Mialyn E. Peralta, but you can just call me Teacher Mia. I took Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English. During my first two years of school teaching, I felt so grateful to my mom that she incited me to take this profession. Who will not going to love those children who needed your guidance? It's an honor to be called "the second mother" in a form of a teacher who will be a part of their growth and development. You might be thinking now that I'm a serious-boring-type of person because of what I said earlier, but unfortunately, I'm not. Allow me to give you a walk-through about my high spirited side. Outside of work, I like to engage in my personal activities such as reading manga and novels, watching Asian or American movies, and playing video games in different available consoles at home or at malls. I also love raising pets! In fact, I have 4 cats, 2 dogs and a chicken at home, but please don't mistook me as a farmer.
I had been an ESL tutor since 2012 both personal and online. Being an ESL tutor has some minor differences compare to being a classroom teacher. For instance, I'm just teaching one or two students at a time that's why I can focus on certain skills that need some careful attention. Another one, they can learn and improve easily because I can listen and pay close attention to my ESL students to make sure that I'm using the right teaching method for them. Lastly, I treat them as my friend to make sure that they understand every lesson I give them because I make them feel the freedom of asking questions and not just nodding in accordance. My passion for teaching always motivates students to have passion for learning and improving the English language, too.
My name is Michele. I have grown up here in the Philippines. Now I'm residing in San Pedro Laguna. I graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I took up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Science. My greatest dream is to travel around the world to see beautiful creations and be familiar with the cultures as well. I love watching movies/dramas on Netflix, surfing the internet, eating, cooking and sleeping.
I worked as a teacher in a formal school with kids from toddler to preparatory level. I've been working as an Online English Teacher since 2008 for Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. I handled different kinds of students with different levels ages from 8- 50 and above. I got my TESOL (Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages ) certificate in 2016. I can offer Conversational classes, IELTS Practice, TOEIC Practice, Job Interview Practice, English for Travel, etc. Just let me know what you want to know so that I can prepare for you and help you achieve your goal. I really look forward to speaking with you!
Hello. My name is Michelle, but you may call me Teacher Mimi. Although I graduated with a degree in Psychology and took up my Master of Science degree in the same area of study, I have always been drawn to teaching and studying languages. Reading books, studying languages, and writing both academically and creatively have always been my hobbies. I have been teaching EFL, ESL, TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS offline since 2011. Since then, I have handled students from different parts of the globe. However, I have been teaching mostly Korean, Chinese, and Japanese students. My love for language has also led me to learn Basic Korean, Spanish and French in the past, but I have used my basic knowledge of Hangul the most. My degrees in Psychology have helped me come up with various methods and teaching styles for students of all ages because I believe in the effectivity of building rapport with the student in every class. This ensures that they learn not just academic topics in class, but also how to build healthy interpersonal relationships with adults or peers while conversing about our daily lives.
Very recently, I have shifted to teaching English online due to the changes that our world has undergone since last year (2020). I find teaching online to be a convenient way for both students and teachers to have classes wherever there is an internet connection. It is utterly amazing how technology can do such wonders for education! I hope that we have a great time talking about life as we learn and practice the English language here at Happy English.
Hello I'm Nanette. You can call me nette for short. I'm the second child of three and I live with family though I'm already an adult. I like indoor activities such as reading and and playing a guitar. However, I don't consider myself as a bookworm or a good guitar player as well. I like listening to music too. You wouldn't believe it, but, I enjoy listening to classical music. Specially those compositions made by famous classical composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Spending time with friends makes me realize how good life is. Therefore, I usually spend time with them. On the other hand, laughing with my siblings is another part of the story. And why? Because I consider them as my bestfriends. For me, watching a movie with them at home is enough.
I've been teaching Korean students for 7 years now. I enjoy talking to Koreans because they are witty. Moreover, being an ESL teacher is really fun. In world where English is an international language, speaking English fluently gives people an oppotunity to know people with different skin. It also helps people to become competitive and confident in any field they are involve with. Lastly, working in a friendly environment like what Happy English offers will help someone to become efficient.
Hi there! I am Teacher Nessa. I am an experienced English Teacher from the Philippines. I have been teaching English to Asian and Western students for all ages since 2016. I still teach because I find self-fulfillment whenever I see my students improve. Learning a second language is challenging that is why I am committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students.
Currently, I am pursuing my Juris Doctor degree. As a law student, I am required to have fluent written and verbal communication skills. I was trained to express myself effortlessly using the English language. This skill is one of the things that I want to share with our learners. I want to help my students become proficient not only in understanding English but more importantly, I want them to become effective speakers. I always ensure that they learn and have fun studying with me. Rest assured that I will do my best to guide you reach your goal, one day at a time. I am so excited to meet you. See you in my class!
I am Alonika Fragata, a graduate of Digital Multimedia Development and Design. My dream to become a Filmmaker made me decide to take the course. As a student, I received several awards and I worked as the Editor-in-Chief of our school paper. My course taught me to be creative and to work under pressure. The course was designed to help students to create audio -visual productions in Advertising and Filming. I enrolled in English Proficiency Program to improve my communication skills more. Aside from writing poetry, I also like to read books and watch movies during my free time. I love reading epic fantasy novels like ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.
I did not expect to be in the field of teaching. However, from time went on; I learned to love the work. The fact that I am sharing my knowledge and making someone smile makes me so happy. I am fully satisfied if someone learns something from me. Developing my English skills is one of the things I do so that I can also share the knowledge to my students.
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