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Hi, my name is Coleen. Just a fun fact about me, my name means 'girl' in Gaelic language so whenever you see my name, you know what it means. I like to watch videos, movies, series, and anime. I am also interested in learning languages and the first language that I taught myself was Korean due to the influence of watching Korean dramas way back then. That is why I had this realization that aside from learning another language, why not teach English, too?
I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. I've been an ESL teacher since 2016. I have taught English to Japanese and Korean students for all ages. I may have finished a different degree but that doesn't hinder me from sharing my knowledge and skills when it comes to teaching English. Learning a second language may be difficult but don't you worry, I am here to help and guide you with the course, plus making it interesting and fun! Looking forward to seeing you in my class!
Greetings! I am Crisel Joy R. Arante, but my students call me "Teacher Crisel" because I am a joyful and very energetic person. I have been teaching English as a Second Language to Asian Non-Speakers of English for more than 14 years already. I started part-time teaching when I was also studying as a college student.
I started part-time teaching when I was also studying as a college student. That was when I worked as a private academic tutor for Filipinos and Foreign Students specifically South Koreans, Japanese, Malaysians and Vietnamese students. My students are of all ages, from elementary to high school. I handle one-on-one classes and a class with several students enrolled in a specific English Program. I have always enjoyed teaching even until now, if some of my former students still ask for my assistance, whether it could be an instant message on Facebook, or any mode of messenger asking me about something, I have always been willing to give them my immediate answer because teaching has always been my passion.
Hi! My name is Cristy. I am 29 years old and have been teaching online for 8 years now. I took a Vocational course in Miriam College. Talking to different types of people with different ages have always been my passion. I enjoy listening to to their stories and share my part as well. It's always been my dream to talk to different people and learn things from them for I dreamt of becoming a news reporter. I also like watching movies especially the action one. I love listening to music to relax myself from stress as well. I don't play sports but I love watching basketball especially NBA. I love spending time with my family whether at home or to travel together. I started teaching Koreans in 2009 and found myself passionate not just about teaching them but also about their culture. For me, learning is sharing knowledge, same with talking; I learn from you and you learn from me.
My experience as an ESL- Instructor made me understand the importance of education not just studying English. It’s to value what you learned and to continue to work hard for self-improvement. I can't wait to meet new students from here and share what I know and teach with passion and sincerity. See you!
Hi! I am Teacher Cristina! I graduated from National Polytechnic College of Science and Technology with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education- Major in English. I've been teaching for many years. I am fascinated with reading books and watching movies. I also like dancing and listening to music.
I've been teaching English to Korean students from kids to adults from beginner to advanced level. For me, a teacher doesn't only impart his knowledge to his students, but he also hone them to become better individuals. Like what Henry Adams says, " A teacher affects eternity, He can never tell where his influence stops." Once again, I am Teacher Cristina and I hope to see you in my class!
Hey there! My name is Dana Michelle Lim, but you can call me "Dana." I took up BS Architecture and Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. You might be wondering, "what does an Architecture degree have to do with teaching Koreans, English?" Well, aside from my admiration for Korean culture, I also wanted to learn their writing. So I learned how to write and read it, but am still on the process of understanding the whole language. I have been teaching English to Koreans just the 1st quarter of 2019. Besides my interest in Architecture, teaching has always been a sideline for me. Here in this field, I get to satisfy my interest in teaching, as well as interacting with Koreans.
I consider myself as an "ambivert." I am a combination of an introvert and an extrovert. But when the time arises that I get to see my students again for classes, I become an all-out extrovert. I assure my students that our class will be entertaining as well as it is informative. Learning doesn't always have to be serious and boring. I always make it fun for students, because I also look forward in building a connection with them and helping them in different aspects. I hope I got you interested there. Haha! I look forward to having you with us! See you! ^-^
Hi, Dani here! Aside from being an English teacher I am also an aspiring makeup artist. I have been in-love with the English language for as long as I can remember and I am proud to say that I’m quite good at it. I am also looking forward to learn Spanish and Latin in the future. I like playing and watching basketball. And I am also hooked with online games such as Defense of The Ancients and League of Legends. I am fond of cooking and my weekends are usually spent sharing good meals with the people I love. I have a weakness for a good book and a good movie. My ultimate passion is music, singing and dancing. I am pretty much the kind of person who would either find a way or make one. Let’s talk about anything and everything under the sun.
I have been teaching English to foreign students since 2012. I've had the privilege of teaching different people of different ages. I follow a certain method base on the student’s requirements and needs. For me teaching is really one heck of a very fulfilling job; I don’t only get to share my skills and knowledge to my students but also learn new things from them. I believe that although we should work hard to achieve our dreams and goals in life, it is also important that we have fun every once in a while and reward ourselves for every achievement and accomplishment we make.
My name is Diana, but you can call me Teacher Dee. I am a woman with a happy heart to sing, listen, and tell stories while I also enjoy my hobby of climbing mountain and camping. About my career, I have been working as an Online English Teacher to some foreigners’ students since 2014. This completes my passion in educating and imparting my skills and knowledge to youngsters and to those who wants to improve further in Learning English Language. I also practiced my expertise in Training and development to aid the needs of students and working adults.
I would be glad to share with you more my experience and things I am passionate about in further details and of course make a fun and effective class with everyone as I learn also about different culture. I hope I can be part of your learning journey. See you in my class!
Hello there! My name is Teacher Dolly but you can just call me Dolly. I have graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing last 2012.Being a nurse doesn't only require having a good background in understanding the people around you. One must have a big heart and a passion to help others too. For me, to be able to effectively communicate with people around the globe, we must learn the language that binds us all, which is the English Language.
After I graduated from college, I joined a travel company owned by a Korean national, in which requires me to speak in English all through out.Two years later, I became an Admin of a Language Center for Japanese students who wants to study English for almost 5 years. Having these experience of working with foreigners has greatly contributed in honing my English skills as well as in gaining the confidence in using the language. Above all these, it has always been a pleasure for me in helping others to achieve their dreams through sharing my knowledge in English. My students dream is also my dream. So what are you waiting for?Come and let us explore the beauty of English while having fun! :)
Hi I'm Teacher Dulce. I graduate from a 4 years Education Course in College and pursued Teaching because I find it challenging and fun. I'm an adventurous kind of person and I like learning new things.  I also like learning different cultures and meeting new people. I'm friendly and easily get along with everyone. I like Bible Stories and Singing Praise & Worship songs for God.
I've been Teaching since 2011. My students came from different countries with different backgrounds from all walks of life. I taught students from beginner up to advanced levels. I have also taught children in a classroom and group set up; I had training on how to handle class for kids and adults. My Teaching style is also customized according to the level and goal of my students. I always hope to make my students feel relaxed and comfortable in our class, as well as finding ways to be creative at all times. Learning English is very fun and very challenging. But If I can do it, then you can do it as well. So let us learn English together in a very fun and exciting way. So join me in my class, let's learn from each other and study English together. I'll be very pleased to have you as my student. See you!
Hello there! My name is Elina but you can call me Teacher Elai. I'm an AB Mass Communications graduate. I like teaching English because I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the language to other people. I want to help them learn and love English, just like I do. My love for English grew by reading books and watching movies, which are just some of my hobbies. I am also interested in learning more about Korean culture. I’m excited to know about Korean food, places and history
I’m a patient and kind person and I care for my family very much. Being the eldest, I want to provide my parents and my siblings all their needs as possibly as I can. I’m the type of person who has a positive outlook in life. I think that we can achieve our goals and dreams if we work hard for it. Making mistakes is just a part of our everyday life but if we believe in ourselves, we can learn from them and become a better person because of it. Just like learning any language, it may be hard at first, but eventually, it will become easier, as you go along. Just have confidence and smile. Let’s have fun in learning English.
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